Practicing Spelling & Phonics With Wonster Words

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Math and reading are two subjects that every single person will use for the rest of their lives. From paying for items to reading street signs, it is so important to have a good foundation for reading and math. As a mom of three, I admit I am not always available to help each of my kids separately practice their numbers and words, but luckily there are so many great apps out there that are perfect for keeping kids in line with today’s expectations.

Wonster Words is an app that my daughter has actually been using for a few years now and she continues to use thanks to updates. The app was actually inspired by Sesame Street and has become an award-winning iOS & Android game that helps kids to learn to sound out words. As a parent, I love how Wonster Words makes spelling and phonics fun enough that my daughter has yet to get bored with it!

The award-winning app was designed to help kids learn to sound out word families and 44 of the most common phonemes. The app uses animated letters that kids can listen to and play games with to sound out the phonics, gliding vowels and consonant blends. Once the words are complete, a short animation and mini-game help drill in the letter sounds.

New for 2017 in the Wonster Words app:

  • Brand new short stories
  • 5 new story packs boasting over 40 new words and original animations
  • 5 new letter-based minigames

Some Wonster Worlds Features:

  • Silly monsters introduce words in fun and engaging ways

  • Short silly stories are used to explain what words mean – perfect too for teaching new ways of saying different words.

  • Fun minigames with the monsters are perfect to give kids a break but still keep them interested in the app.

  • So many words and stories to listen to and practice on. My daughter loves to discover new words or just get extra practice on old ones. There are no quizzes either to worry about, this app is truly about learning in a fun way.

We love Wonster Words!

My 6 year old is still learning from this app and now with the new updates of words and stories, she has a lot more to discover. Phonics and spelling is something that really do need to be practiced and this app has been great for her to do that when I can’t help her. The words are simple enough that she can sound them out bur still challenging that she is now practicing spelling and writing them on paper. You do get some stories for free and then if you want more, you can buy them individually or the entire pack.

Stay Connected with Wonster Words:

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  1. This is another one that looks cute. Love the bright colors.

  2. I still remember as a kid crying over homework. English, spelling, pronunciation, sentences did not come easy at all for me. Anything that can aid and encourage learning is awesome.

  3. I am impressed by what a fun and easy way this is for kids to practice their spelling and phonics. Would make them want to practice every day.

  4. Jacquelyn Cannon says

    My grandson would really enjoy learning from Wonster Words!

  5. I just shared your idea on my blog. Thank you.

  6. Lana simanovicki says

    I like this for my grandchildren

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