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This is a sponsored post in partnership with The Motherhood on behalf of Big Blue Swim School.

All swim lessons are the same, right? Wrong! From teachers to swim conditions, swim lessons really do vary from place to place. With knowing how to swim being such an important life skill, it really is important to find a program that works for your family.

Recently I got the chance to check out Big Blue Swim School and I will say I was super impressed. I met with founder and president, Chris DeJong, and he said he started out with him and his wife giving private lessons in a pool and realized the need for a good swim program facility. There is not just one thing I like about this program but really so many great features that make it amazing.

Here are some of the features that make Big Blue Swim School stand out:

  • No registration fee and lessons are affordable
  • You can sign up anytime and stop anytime you need to – you are not locked into a contract.
  • Lessons start at 6 months and go up through swim team
  • The only swim school that exclusively hires and trains full-time teachers (the teachers can also earn benefits). Full-time teachers also mean consistency for your child with their swim growth.
  • Teachers will have gone through over 100 hours of training on the Big Blue Progress Program. Two hours of additional training is also given every week to every teacher so their progress improves. Teachers are also measured constantly to make sure they are on track with their lessons.
  • Big Blue Swim School is not a franchise – which means they are able to provide a better experience for parents by investing in their staff. This also makes for a more consistent and better-trained teacher who will then, in turn, give your child a better experience.
  • More lesson times than any other provider means they have more options to work around your schedule than the other way around.
  • They have their own proprietary software platform that allows families to choose a lesson time that works for all their kids with one click. You can easily browse times and see if slots are available for the levels you need.
  • The software also allows families to log into their account from any device and see their child’s progress, move their lesson times, schedule FREE make-up lessons, add additional lessons and update personal information. This is perfect for those times when you need to do something but the location is closed or unavailable to talk. I know I tend to remember things late at night when places are already closed, with this software I could just log in and do what I need to do at my own leisure.

  • Speaking of make-up lessons – if you forgot a lesson or just miss it, a free lesson is automatically applied to your account! No more money down the drain because you forgot to call and cancel for the week. This is so great too for when your child is sick because the last thing on our minds as parents is calling and canceling a swim lesson when we are caring for a sick child.
  • Super friendly staff that really does want to help
  • 90-degree water – yes 90 degrees! No more kids complaining the water is too cold and they don’t want to swim.
  • Saline system and ultra-violet filtration provide a state of the art defense against waterborne illnesses and harsh chemicals. These systems also work without a chemical smell, meaning it doesn’t have a chlorine smell when you’re in there.

  • Carpeted floors in the lobby and individual changing rooms means kids won’t be slipping all over. The special carpet is also specially designed to prohibit mold and bacteria growth!

  • Acoustic tiles hanging all over ceiling help absorb sound to keep the loudness to a minimum.
  • Kid friendly lobby includes a train table and coloring, perfect for siblings or winding down before/after lessons.

Honestly, I could go on and on about how amazing Big Blue Swim School is, they truly have impressed me and they have thought of everything that would make for a great swim lesson experience.

Save at Big Blue Swim School

Big Blue is offering six swim lessons for $60 when you sign up for weekly lessons – a discount of more than 50% on standard prices.

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  1. This place sounds great. Our local school that does swimming lessons always has their pool way too cold. One time my daughter couldn’t stop shivering to actually swim!

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