An Epic Mobile & Tablet Role Playing Game With Smart Action Figures

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My boys love their video games but I can see them torn at times because they also want to play with their toys. Then all the sudden my boys say commercials for a new game that uses actual action figures along with a game on their tablet (or phone.)

Lightseekers by PlayFushion is a game that brings everything a kid could want together – an advanced interactive game, something they can play with friends, a game they can play on the go and it involves toy figures!

How does Lightseekers work?

First, you download Lightseekers on the Apple App Store, Google Play and Amazon Appstore. It is free to download. Keep in mind too for the full game experience you do need an internet connection and 1GB memory available.

The game uses 7″ fully articulated smart action figures that are fun to play with or without the Lightseekers game. A FusionCore is actually inserted into the figure to create the 2-way connection between the game and the hero. The piece is powered by a rechargeable battery which gives hours of play on a single charge.

The game and figures are updated wirelessly with new features constantly being added.

Gameplay is customized with physical weapon pieces that allow users to level-up as they play.

A Flight Pack set enhances gameplay by turning the figure into a game controller, allowing your figure’s movements to magically control your in-game character.

Then there is the Lightseekers Trading Card Game which is a standalone physical game that includes 385+ augmented reality trading cards. Every card is scannable by the Lightseekers game to unlock AR effects and in-game bonuses, such as new spells, boosts or pets that fight alongside the player.

There are six starter decks available with each one offering its own distinct play. Each full deck contains cards, playmat, health counter and 9-card booster pack. The game is quick and easy to learn but also can be challenging for more advanced players.

So do you really need all this to get started with Lightseekers?

Nope! Start with the Jax the tyrax or Kora the mari Starter Pack.

From there you can add on weapons, flight packs, card starter decks and card booster packs.

Trading Card Intro Packs are perfect for two friends to play a the Lightseekers Trading Card Game.

The game is perfect to start with one set and then add on to as rewards or holiday/birthday gifts.

What makes Lightseekers so cool?

  • It can be played anywhere, perfect for on-the-go fun!
  • No gaming console or portal needed since the figures connect wirelessly to mobile and tablet devices via Bluetooth.
  • The smart action figures can be played with and posed rather than just static figures.
  • Figures can be customized with interchangeable weapons and shared amongst friends.
  • The smart figures can actually be used to magically control player’s on-screen characters.
  • Trading cards can be scanned into the game for rewards and in-game abilities in the same game app, not a separate app.
  • The game is consistently being updated with new, fresh content so there is always something to discover.
  • The game is actually free to play without the figures or trading cards.

Check out Lightseekers

Learn more about Lightseekers. You can find Lightseekers on Amazon.

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  1. Jessi Housel says

    This looks like alot of fun, somthing my kids would enjoy!

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