Smart Ways to Save Money for a Vacation

Vacations cost quite a fortune especially when you opt to enjoy yours out of the country. The cost is even higher if you choose to go with family. It might, therefore, be hard to cater for all the expenses with your month’s income.

Saving up for your vacation is, therefore, the most ideal option but it is not as easy as it sounds. Since you have to save over a long period of time, you might be tempted to spend the savings before the vacation time. However, you can use a few strategies to help you start saving and keep you motivated to follow through until the end.

Create a specific savings account

Saving for a vacation starts several months before. If you keep the money in an account you can easily access you will be tempted to spend it and start saving the next month. You might overcome the temptation for a week or two but eventually, you will spend it. As such it is best to create an account dedicated to saving for vacation.

The trick is to make it unavailable for spending and thus reduce temptation. It will also be easier for you to monitor your progress and determine whether you are saving enough to afford your dream vacation. If you notice that you are lagging behind your target, you will be able to change your strategy early enough.

Utilize Automatic Transfer

It is hard to part with money and save it up once you have it in your hands. The solution is to ensure that the vacation money is deducted from your income before it gets to you. Consult your bank and have them transfer a certain amount from your main account to your vacation account every month.

Alternatively, you can make a plan with your boss to split your checks so that some amount is directly to your vacation account and the rest to your main account. You can use this trick whenever you are saving for something specific over a long period of time.

Get Everyone Saving

If you are traveling as a family or a group, the vacation is going to cost much more than if you are going alone or with your partner. Share the burden and let everyone shoulder some responsibility. If you are going with your children, tell them your plans for vacation early enough.

Then inform them that they should set aside some amount from their weekly allowances or lunch money for the vacation. The money from the kids can be used for minor expenses such as souvenirs or the entrance fee to a park.


In some jobs the pay is just enough to cover monthly expenses or not even enough to last from one payday to the next. A person working in such jobs would never manage to save up for a vacation, not because they don’t want to but because there is nothing left after paying ills.

Fortunately, there are some side-jobs that pay well enough to supplement the salary. You don’t have to work every day. You can decide to do the side job on weekends only or on specific days of the week. The extra amount can then be saved up in the vacation account.

Sell extra items

Get rid of the extra things in your house that you no longer use. Let go of everything that you have not used for the past one year. From the clothes that you outgrew to gifts from an ex and extra furniture. Save the money immediately to avoid the temptation to buy newer clothes or furniture.

This is also a great way to declutter your house since you can do it over a period of months and thus nothing is likely to be forgotten. Sell the items early because if you sell them last minute the buyers may detect your desperation to sell it and offer low prices.

Save change

It is easy to underestimate how much you can save using a change jar. The beauty of it is that you make small contributions daily that they do not force you to give up on your daily expenses. However, you will be pleasantly surprised once the vacation nears and you open the jar.

To ensure you get the most out of the jar saving method, do not save coins only. Include some notes that will booster your saved amount. You can also make the exercise fun by giving each family member a jar to fill and make it competitive.

Be smart in your spending

The best way to maximize the amount you save is to reduce your spending. To begin with, you can reduce eating out and instead make your own meals. If you do cook, prepare the amount that is just enough for that meal. You will be surprised how much you save this way

The other tip to reduce your spending is to make long-term shopping plans. If you shop for a whole week or two, you will be able to buy things cheaply in bulk. Also, you will be less prone to impromptu purchases.

What if you don’t save up in time?

For one reason or another, the time for vacation may arrive before you have saved up. Or maybe the amount you managed to save is not enough. Does this mean you don’t deserve to have a vacation? No. Keep an eye out for RV rental prices and other deals. 

In such a situation, you may take a $5000 direct loan to fund your vacation. However, take a loan that is within your means so that your life after vacation is not strained. Take a keen look at the details of the loan and make an actionable repayment plan even before you go for vacation.

No matter what you are saving for, it is never an easy task because you have to deny yourself many pleasures. Saving for vacation is even harder because it always seems so early to start saving for vacation and then it becomes too late.

Use any means that motivate you or make it easier for you to save. Combine a number of the tips discussed above to achieve maximum impact. There are also various mobile apps that can help you strategize better and help you remain focused.

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  1. Thanks for the tips! I am saving for a big trip later this year!

  2. Julie Waldron says:

    These are good ideas. I save my change throughout the year and use that.

  3. Michelle S says:

    We have had travel savings for several years now. I do $40 a week into it using direct deposit. I also save all my change. We often have an extra $60-$100 that we use towards a trip each time..

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