Unique Gifts for Loved Ones

It’s the season of giving! December sees us scope the goods and wares of all sorts of shops, taking a look on shelves high and low in search of the perfect gift for those we adore. But this can be particularly difficult, as nowadays everything is so mass produced and we often have such busy working hours in the build up to the festivities that we don’t have time to make something ourselves. So how do we go about finding something that the recipient isn’t going to receive from anyone else; something that will suit them down to a tee? Well, the answer is bespoke gifts. Bespoke gifts are essentially made to order goods. Suppliers will often supply a general idea and offer customization or alteration to make it a truly standout, one-in-a-million item. Here are a few unique gift ideas to get your imagination going!

Number Plates

Personalized or Private Number Plates are a much desired belonging in general. However, if one of your loved ones has recently passed their driving test or purchased a new vehicle, now is a better time than ever to consider a gift along these lines. Just make sure to do your research first before setting your heart on getting their name on a plate. Certain plates can be around £25 which is an absolute bargain. But more common names or spellings can prove to be a whole lot more, with certain plates costing an absolute fortune.


There are so many different types of homeware out there that you can help to truly make a house a home. Family name street signs are a great option, as are family name doormats, personalized cheese boards, and bespoke kid’s toy boxes or pet toy boxes. You can also keep things seasonal in the build up to the big day and have personalized tree decorations, light up Santa cams, or Christmas Eve chests made up. These can be brought out year after year, meaning they become a lasting fixture in the individual’s home.


Gift giving is so much more than the item itself. Its significance lies in the whole process, from receiving the gift to placing it under the tree in anticipation of opening it on the big day and then finally ripping open the paper. So make the wrapping something to be proud of. You might want to go with the traditional paper, ribbons, bows, and name tags. Alternatively, you can go with more modern approaches, such as fabric wraps, gift bags, or boxes. Just make it special! It shows that you’ve put even more time and effort into your offering than simply purchasing an item. If possible, also try to keep your wrapping as environmentally friendly as possible. After all, it’s generally disposed of after the 25th, so should preferably be recyclable or reusable in some way.

So, it’s time to hit the shops, surf the web, and start getting creative! The smile on the recipient’s face will make everything absolutely worth it.

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