Choosing a House or a Condo for Your Family

There are a lot of things to consider when choosing where you’re going to live. Not only do you need to decide on a city and a neighborhood, taking into consideration any commutes or nearby schools, you’ll also need to decide on a home or a condo. There are a lot of pros and cons to both, and ultimately your family will need to decide what matters most. It is all dependent on the lifestyle of your family, as well as your individual goals of owning your own space. Here’s what you need to consider when choosing a home or a condo to make sure you choose the best option for your family.

The perks of owning a condo

Condos are the best of both worlds, in many cases. They cost less than a large home while still packing in a good amount of square footage. The cost of your condo will vary depending on the city, but it’s undeniably a more affordable option, especially for first-time buyers who aren’t sure if they are ready for the maintenance of a larger home. Renovating a condo is also similarly affordable, since the space itself is easier to maintain.

While condos come with a variety of dues related to your particular building, these usually cover a number of amenities. Some condos have upscale accomodations like private cabanas, spas, and recreational facilities. At the very least, most condos come with a small fitness center and 24/7 security. These are features that would be an additional cost if you were to purchase your own home, so the dues often cancel out these added expenses.

The cost of insurance for a condo is also less than for a traditional home. Because you are only required to carry coverage for the inner contents, you don’t need to cover things like exterior protection. This can save you a great deal of insurance money each year.

In general, condos are often found in more urban locations which might give you the added benefit of living near top entertainment and dining options in your city. You also only need to maintain your interior spaces which means less work for you. This can mean spending your time doing other things that matter to you, like exploring the city or enjoying a day at one of your condo’s amenities. Some condo communities also have family-friendly features like bike paths, parks, and playgrounds. Ultimately, owning a condo is a great option for many families.

Owning a home can still be a good option

Yes, owning a home is in many ways more expensive than owning a condo. However, this still might be the right option for many families. While owning a home undoubtedly costs more, it also means having more space and more freedom. There are a lot of restrictions when you live in a shared condo community, but when you own your own property, this isn’t the case. You are free to maintain your home as you please, plus, it comes with a lot more storage.

Owning a home means you’ll have the privacy to live as you choose, and you might have a yard to enjoy as well. Outdoor space is a big perk for many families, though it does come with more maintenance. As long as you understand the additional responsibilities that come along with owning a house, it might turn out to be a good option for your family.

Choose the best living situation for your family

Every family has unique needs and values. If you value having luxurious amenities, a better location, and less maintenance, than owning a condo is the right choice for you. If you’d rather have extra space and increased freedom, then you should own a home. Ultimately, you will need to do the right research into the prices and rules in your area before making the final decision.

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  1. Veronica Lee says:

    I’ve lived in a condo for 22 years. Top of the list of the benefits of condo ownership is freedom from maintenance that I don’t have the time or desire to tackle.

  2. Lana Simanovicki says:

    These are great tips

  3. I’ve been in a condo for about 17 years now. People should realize with a condo, you don’t have much control over much, you have one vote. It costs me much more to have a condo than a house of the same square footage. Condos can be great, but you should be a person who is flexible, and not too set on having your own way, there are lots of rules.

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