Feeling Off…Have You Tried Modafinil?

Often we observe, spending too much time indoors makes us feel off. Carrying the same routine lacks our interest and our body signals to be fully tired/dizzy and off the pace with what so ever is going on.

Why is that really so and how can it be cured?

Losing interest with work and getting off the pace often are all the symptoms of Sleep apnea, narcolepsy and lack of concentration with work issues etc.

A cure to this disorder is not just confined to a single way out instead it could be treated is a number of ways. Staying focused with simplicity to overcome this issue could be a lifestyle reforming or dietary fixes to keep our body attentive, or it could have be a techno gadget wearing that helps to regulate the physiological date or it could be as easy as taking a right suitable smart drug for your body to improve its functioning. Yes, these all possibilities and many others could be your way outs in order to pursue biohacking.  

Computer hacking, election hacking, smart phone hacking, mail address hacking or Facebook account hacking are all well-known terms, what does this biohacking term refer to, Is this some kind of slang?

No, it’s really not a slang in fact it serves the hacking purpose for our bodies performance and functioning. Basically bio-hacking is an evolving phenomena with core basis to stimulate and enhance our body functioning and performance through science and self-experimentation.

Here we have an easy way to ensure biohacking of your body termed as “Modafinil”. Technically termed as nootropic drug. There are several smart drugs to cure the very cause but Modafinil stands out among them due to exceptional benefits. It helps to stimulate the cognitive abilities and enhance the body functioning.

Modafinil is basically a synthetic euphoric nature drug that means it influences a human’s wakefulness ability. When administered this drug produces the nootropic and moderate level stimulating properties. Mainly subjected to enhance the cognitive abilities, reduction in tiredness and increased alertness.

The United States food and Drug Administration has approved the modafinil drug for the treatment of sleep apnea, the sleep disorders and fatigue. There have been evidences for effective working of modafinil in order to treat the depression symptoms and bipolar disorders. It can be used to treat all disorders that have the basic fatigue symptom.

The drug is proved effective for the physical stimulation of athletes. The drug is considered as a smart drug that functions to improve memory, wakefulness, and general productivity.

The major edge this drug owes over others are:

  • Non-addictive capability – Modafinil is non-addictive, instead it is very helpful to kick other addictions.
  • Almost no side effects – Modafinil is declared completely safe for use. People have reported this drug usage for more than 10 plus years and have experienced no clear side effects of this drug.
  • An eugoric drug – Modafinil is actually a wakefulness promoting agent. It seem as a stimulant but really not is. Like many other drugs it does not even have a crash or withdrawal.
  • Well working – This drug really influences our mind functioning and helps to perform better with core attentiveness.

When looking to buy modafinil online there are very limited options available, however meds4sure is one of the few leading pharmacies which are providing modafinil to many individuals and celebrities to enhance their brain functions.

How actually modafinil enhances brain functionality?

  • Modafinil actually enhances the body resistance towards fatigue and improves the mood.
  • It enhances the reaction time in healthy adults.
  • According to a research it helps to reduce the pulse response i.e. bad/impulsive decisions.
  • It helps the sleep deprived doctors a lot.
  • It’s a great helpful source for people with lower IQ levels.

How safe is Modafinil?

Modafinil is way safe then other smart drugs. It’s non-addictive and is used to stay up for long time by most of the users.  Rare evidences have been encountered for trigger of phenytoin, cocaine and SJS syndrome with Modafinil intake.

What are the dangerous interactions of Modafinil?

Smart drugs are considered safe on their own but there could be dangerous interaction while combination to other drugs or even the ones that could be life threatening. Below the list holds the dangerous combinations of modafinil but these are not all of them. A few of the combinations are safe with low dosage but still they increase the potential risk of severe ailments even death. There should always a little bit of independent research to ensure the consumption of drugs is safe for health.

In combination with Alcohol:

Alcohol is extremely dangerous (a popular depressant) when combined with a stimulant. The reaction is considered bad for health due to excessive intoxication. Actually the sedative effect of alcohol is decreased when it is taken with a stimulant like modafinil etc. This factor is considered most when talking about the intoxication of smart drugs. With the intake of these both, when the level of stimulation wears off the alcoholic effect depressant increases that leads to intense disinhibition with the respiration process. If these two things are mistakenly combined the only cure is to restrict the hourly intake of alcohol.

In combination with DXM: When the stimulants and DXM are combined the risk of panic attacks and increased heart rates are increased a lot.

In combination with MXE: When the stimulants and MXE are combined the increased heart rate blood pressure are sure causes of it.

In combination with MDMA: MDMA causes a neuro-toxic effect that is increased to a great rate when combined with a stimulant drug.

In combination with hormonal birth control: Modafinil is a great reduction level promotion agent for effectiveness of hormonal birth control pills. It releases an enzyme CYP3A4/5 that lowers its working.

Dosage guidelines for Modafinil: Modafinil working time is 8 hours. One can take it in the morning with or without meal. An adult can take 30-50 mg of modafinil dose. This drug is even prescribed by doctors to professionals whose job responsibility requires excessive sleepless tenure such as doctors etc.

What are respective alternatives to Modafinil?

The body response for smart drugs intakes is not same for everyone it varies from person to person. So, getting just a single way out for similar circumstances is not fair deal. We do have other options than modafinil drug such as racetams and small doses of nicotine also serves the purpose of awake fullness to some extent.

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