Family Time & Salisbury Steak Sandwiches #CountOnCor #OvenTimeTips (& Giveaway Ends 1/29)

This is a sponsored conversation written by me on behalf of On-Cor. The opinions and text are all mine.

This month starts full swing for us for hockey season. My son has 12 games in the next eight weeks plus 4-5 practices a week! That craziness doesn’t even include my other two kid’s schedules or family commitments. The last thing I want to do is spend a lot of time in the kitchen preparing and cooking when we do have some time at home. I am all about quick meals I can make at home that appeals to my whole family. On-Cor is a brand that my whole family enjoys. The On-Cor Lasagna with Meat Sauce has become a weekly favorite and when I saw the Gravy and 6 Salisbury Steaks I knew we had to try it out. With the On-Cor new packaging showing exactly what I am feeding my family, I feel better too knowing I am making a quality dinner.

I love that I was able to pop in the frozen entrée and spend some quality time with my kids. Usually, I am so exhausted or rushing around that I don’t sit down and actually play with kids during the week. Baking especially is something that is not on my radar during the week. Popping in an On-Cor family-friendly entrée meant I had time to play a game with my kids. Yes, we actually sat down together and played a game while dinner cooked.

I admit too that while we were waiting for dinner and playing the game, we may or may not have enjoyed some popcorn. Seriously my kids must have thought an alien took over my body as their “normal” mom doesn’t let them have popcorn as a snack before dinner or play board games with them!

Before we started the game though, I spent about ten minutes preparing some cookies with my daughter who has been begging me for probably a month now to bake with her! When I said, “Let’s make cookies!” She said, “What about dinner?” I said that we are trying a new dish in the oven and we just have to wait for the timer to go off, she had her baking apron on before I finished talking! She was so excited to make cookies for dessert, which is something we never have.

On-Cor is just a freezer away for an always easy, always satisfying and always ready solution for families to spend more time together. Perfect for those parents who made New Year’s resolutions to get organized with mealtime and spend more family time! Now even though we may have to rush out at night for a sports practice, we can at least enjoy time together while the oven does all the work.

The Gravy and 6 Salisbury Steaks has six salisbury steaks in it, which for my family meant two steaks each. On-Cor does the prep work, so I just had to pop it in the oven and take care of my other to-do’s that I usually neglect! I normally would have served these with mashed potatoes but to make them more kid-friendly, I went the sandwich route. Seriously, isn’t everything better when it’s in sandwich form?

I honestly cannot believe I never served my family the On-Cor Gravy and 6 Salisbury Steaks. There are not many dishes all five of us can agree on, especially my picky kids. The hearty On-Cor entrées are simply delicious. No frills, no fancy. Just really, really good food. Even my son with multiple food allergies was able to enjoy them!

Don’t just take my word – Check out On-Cor for yourself

For your next family meal, head to the freezer aisle of Jewel-Osco or check out the store locator at to pick up one of On-Cor’s entrées.

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  1. Debbie Welchert says:

    I would watch a movie with my grandchildren.

  2. Karley Moore says:

    I would catch up on laundry. Thanks for the giveaway!

  3. I would catch up on my reading.

  4. Mary Somerville says:

    I would use the time to talk, and relax with my kids.

  5. Cheryl Chervitz says:

    I would be able to play with my furbabies or read a magazine.

  6. Yevette Denise Parker says:

    This looks like fun! I would give the popcorn maker and Life game to my grand kids! We would have a blast!

  7. I would record another episode of my video blog!

  8. I would watch a movie or play a game with my kids.

  9. Denise B. says:

    I would work on puzzles with our children.

  10. Selene Montgomery says:

    I’d enter more giveaways! Thanks for hosting!

  11. I would play cards with my family!

  12. I’d love the extra time to craft with my daughter.

  13. Teresa Kunberger says:

    With my extra time I would relax!!!

  14. Marilyn Nawara says:

    I would take a nap or read a book with my extra time.

  15. With the extra free time I would prepare a dessert for the family to enjoy while playing games before bed!

  16. Robin Abrams says:

    I would spend my free time with my grand kids. Helping them with their home work and playing games with them

  17. I love oncor and it’s so easy to prepare, my fave is the riblets, grab some rolls and throw them on, some fries and a salad and voila dinner!

  18. I would play cards with my family!

  19. Teri L Boots says:

    This would be so perfect. Two of my grandkids are coming to visit in March.

  20. Wanda Patterson says:

    I never thought about the extra time, after being so busy a nice hot relaxing bath while waitint for the On-Cor’s entrées to get done sounds great to me.

  21. Wanda Patterson says:

    On-Cor’s entrées are great when I’m running the kids to practice and dance class. Sometimes I just don’t have the time for the kitchen.

  22. Annmarie Weeks says:

    I’d like to read a few more books! Or read some of the magazines that are piling up here.

  23. I would spend more time with my family.

  24. My favorite On Cor entree is the make and cheese and with the free time I will save while it is cooking I will surf the Internet.

  25. I would use the time to make a cup of tea and sit back and relax 🙂

  26. I love how easy making an On-Cor dish is too!

  27. I would have extra time to pick up around the house after the kids.

  28. Laura Collins says:

    I would do some reading

  29. I would watch tv or sleep.

  30. Julie Bickham says:

    I would be able to help my daughter with her homework longer then usual.

  31. I would read to my toddler.

  32. We would be playing some board games. This year has gotten off to a wonderful start with me and my son enjoying family night twice a week 🙂

  33. Jennylyn Gross says:

    Help the kids with homework before i go to work at night

  34. With the time we saved, we would read a few extra books before dinner is ready!

  35. Denise Shepherd says:

    I would take a long hot bubble bath or watch a movie!

  36. I’d read my book!

  37. We would play some board games and maybe watch a movie.

  38. Movie and cuddle time!

  39. I would take a nap thats for sure

  40. I would take a nap

  41. What would I do with more time? LOL Read more. I can’t stop reading books. Never enough time….

  42. Antoinette M says:

    I would have time to catch up on the news.

  43. Michelle D says:

    Use the time to play some fun board games with my family. The more the better to us!

  44. Paige Chandler says:

    I would take a stress relief bath. 🙂

  45. ELIZABETH C. says:

    With extra time, I would go get a manicure & pedicure.

  46. Denise Higgins says:

    Put on a good movie and spend some quality time with my hubbie

  47. vickie couturier says:

    spend more time with my grandkids reading them a book

  48. Lynn Rackley says:

    I’d do more sweepstakes!

  49. I would read more in winter and garden more in summer

  50. This would be something my grandson and I could do next time he comes over !

  51. I’d spend some time reading

  52. I’d probably watch some movies on television or do some adult coloring for stress relief 🙂

  53. I could spend an extra hour working in my gardens or just enjoying the outdoors with my family.

  54. I would spend my free time talking to my family.

  55. Ann Fantom says:

    I would read a book with the free time

  56. Lisa Williams says:

    I would spend that extra time cuddling my baby niece.

  57. Play more Monopoly with my son!

  58. shelly peterson says:

    I would have more time to play board games with the kids.

  59. We will have time for a good movie

  60. I’d sit talk and enjoy the time with my family.

  61. James Robert says:

    They make for an awesome and quick dinner. My kids love their salisbury steaks so I make them and mashed potatoes ad the meal is done. We then have time for movies to watch together

  62. Bryan Vice says:

    I would play some board games with my kids and color some in my adult coloring book

  63. This sure all looks so tasty and a good time! Lots of good eatin’ going on here. I’d love to make this whole dinner!

  64. I’d probably read a book with the time that I’d save.

  65. Kim Avery says:

    I would use my free time to get caught up on laundry! A mom’s job is never done!

  66. Onyinye Elochukwu says:

    I will play with my son if I had extra hours.

  67. laura feist says:

    spend time with the grandkids

  68. Margaret Smith says:

    I would enjoy more time with my family.

  69. I would tackle some of the chores on the honey-do list, starting with the ones that have been there for a year or more!!

  70. beth shepherd says:

    I would love to have more time to play games with the kids. THank you!

  71. I would love to teach my daughter how to ride a bike, practice basketball with both my daughters, play board games, read books. I grew up eating OnCor Salisbury Steaks! It reminds me so much of my childhood! 🙂

  72. Sandy Klocinski says:

    I would eat my meal patiently and enjoy every bite of it(I am a very impatient gal,everything has to be quick,EVERYTHING!)

  73. Becky McClure says:

    Play a game with my son who is 12 and my grandkids who are 6 and 3. They love playing board games!!

  74. I would use the time to play some fun games with my grandkids or go for a walk in the park.

  75. Dana Rodriguez says:

    I could catch up on some of my shows.

  76. kelly nicholson says:

    Leave a blog post comment on what you would do with the free time you’d have from cooking an On Cor entree?

    looks easy to cook..just add veggies and im eating baby

  77. catch up on my tv shows