Singapore Travel Guide For 2018

Singapore, also popularly known as ‘Garden City’ or ‘Lion City’, is one of the most awe-inspiring destinations in south-east Asia. The Garden City scores highly on the list of the most popular places to visit globally; be it for a family vacation, romantic getaway, fun shopping sprees, and adventurous sightseeing excursion. Due to its small size, it is easy and safe to travel in the city-state. As part of your traveling plans, it is crucial to work on getting the necessary travel documents such as visa. To save you the headache of obtaining the traveling documents, you can contact the singapore visa agency to process the documents expeditiously. They will also give you all the advice you need. 

Below is a comprehensive Singapore travel guide for 2018, providing you with key information while traveling to the Garden City.

Getting to Singapore

There are many airlines that fly to Singapore Chang Airport (SIN), which is about 15 kilometers from the CBD, on a daily basis from key cities in the Philippines and other destinations in south-east Asia. From Chang Airport to CBD, one can use a train, a bus, or a taxi. Some of the airlines that fly to Chang Airport include Philippine Airlines, Scoot, and Cebu Pacific. You can also arrive at Singapore through other means than flying, including by train, car, or bus, depending on the point of departure of the visitor.

Places to stay in Singapore

There are many places that visitors can seek accommodation while in Singapore. You will find accommodation that matches a range of budget sizes. Some inexpensive hotels include Fragrance Hotel – Pearl and Fragrance Hotel – Bugis. Family groups on a trip to the Lion City could find good accommodation in mid-range hotels which include the Elizabeth Hotel, the Carlton Hotel, and Ibis to mention just a few. Exceptional occasions like a honeymoon may call for luxury hotels. Examples of such are the Fullerton Bay Hotel and the Raffles Hotel.

Means of moving around Singapore

Moving from one area to another in the city-state is quite convenient due to its compact nature. The fact that the majority of Singaporeans speak English and signboards are in English makes it easy even to travel on your own. Since infrastructure is well developed, you can make use of public transport such as buses and the subway system. Travelling cards – NETS FlashPay Card or EZ-link contactless RFID card, can be bought at convenient points. They are a good way of paying for transport as you will get change back, as opposed to when you pay as you board the bus. The cards can be used on all buses and MRT trains.

Activities to do and tourist attractions

You will be spoilt for choice for great tourist attractions and countless fun activities you could do on your visit in Singapore. Among the places that you should consider visiting include the Gardens by the Bay which is an expansive park showcasing a wide variety of plants and flowers. The Singapore Flyer is another thing you cannot miss as it is a distinguished part of the city state’s skyline. A ride at this epic landmark will give you an all-round view of Singapore and see other marvelous landmarks such as the Merlion Park, Sentosa Island, Marina Bay Sands, and the Clark Quay, among other breath-taking attractions.

You could also go to the Singapore Zoo to see animals in their naturalistic-built homes with glass casings during the day. Once dusk falls, head on the night safari, a distinctive wildlife experience.

Where to eat

You can find a wide variety of food in Singapore – Chinese, Indian, European, Malaysian, and others, besides many fast food restaurants. For genuine Chinese dishes you cannot go wrong with Wing Seong Fatty’s in Bencoolen Street. Another great place for Chinese cuisines is Wan Hao in Orchard Road. There are some celebrity restaurants at Marina Bay Sands, a good example being Gordon Ramsay’s Bread Street Kitchen. There are plenty of eating places that you can check out.

Other important information

The best time to visit would be during the major holidays that take place January to February, June to July, and September to October. These are peak seasons for Singapore, with hotels booked almost to the last room, so be sure to make reservations early in advance. Early bookings will also give you chance to enjoy great deals at the best hotels.

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  1. Lindsay A. says:

    I’ve done some travelling abroad, but have never had the chance to see Singapore. Nifty travel guide, thanks! 😀

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