Win a Year of Books From Penguin Random House

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I am always reading something and looking for new titles. Books can be expensive to keep buying and I don’t always know what to check out at the library. Whether you’re a fan of mysteries or love romance novels, don’t miss out on this great giveaway! While it is not a Mom and More giveaway, I had to share!

Enter for a chance to win a year of bestselling books, curated just for you! Enter the Resolve to Read sweeps today – if you win, you’ll receive 2 books per month for the rest of the year.

Speak Your Mind



  1. laura feist says:

    I would love this I like reading

  2. Catherine R.Joncas says:

    beautiful price. I love reading and practice my english

  3. Caroline Lozinski says:

    This is my absolute dream giveaway! I live for books ! My children love for books ! A world without books would be a horribly dreary place and a miserable existence 😜 they take us away from our lives for a time !

  4. William-Stephen Taylor says:

    In my opinion, man takes reading and writing for granted.
    Speaking a language is a natural ability, learning multiple foreign languages through constant exposure and just by listening is an ability available in all of us up until the age of around nine years.
    Reading, however, is a different kettle of fish, just as writing is. Unfortunately, reading is not easy, neither is writing as they are totally separate in the brain.
    You can suffer a stroke and lose the ability to read but not to write, which means shortly after you write a sentence you will have difficulty in reading it, it may appear in the greek or russian alphabet.

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