Debx “Pay Smarter, Live Larger” Giveaway

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Could you use an extra $3000 to pay towards your credit card bills? How about $1000 or even $100? I know I will take any money I can get to help with bills, especially money I win! Debx is a revolutionary payment app that helps consumers pay off daily credit card purchases using what’s already in your wallet. You basically link all your credit and debit accounts and you earn rewards, enjoy consumer protection and manage debt easier. Users choose which transactions they want left on credit and which they want automatically paid off daily. For example, do you really need to have your morning coffee go towards your debt and accumulate interest or could you pay it off right away? I think that is a genius way of budgeting as it helps teach discipline in spending and managing money. Everything is in one spot and Debx connects to more than 9,000 banks.

While I do believe credit cards can be amazing with the rewards offered, I do think they can also be easily abused. I remember my first credit card and how foolishly I spent, each month freaking out of course when the bill came. I love that Debx seems like a great solution for responsible spending.

Debx is available for iOS only and works with credit cards from the top 10 issuing banks!

Debx wants to spread the word out about their amazing app and they are hosting a HUGE giveaway! They are paying up to $5,000 in credit card bills to 12 lucky winners who join their app waitlist.

  • $3,000 towards the credit card balances of the Grand Prize Winner
  • $1,000 for the First Prize Winner
  • $100 for ten (10) Second Prize Winners

The more you share about the app and the more friends you refer, the greater your chance to win!

Click JOIN NOW on the page below to enter your information and you will be entered to win! Someone has to win, right? The giveaway runs until March 20, 2018.

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