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We have had crazy weather here in Chicago leaving my kids with crazy cabin fever. So what is a family to do about keeping kids active? Well with the new Thor: Ragnarok movie out, I found a way to keep my superhero loving boys active. We created a Thor: Ragnarok Backyard Games (aka Contest of Champions) in our house. I think it definitely would have been better outside with more room but we made do inside.

With just a few simple materials you can easily host a Contest of Champions:

  • (2) Pool Noodles
  • Rope
  • Roll of Duct Tape
  • tissue box
  • cardboard boxes

Games to host a BACKYARD GAME CONTEST (aka Contest of Champions):

Thor Hammer Toss

Use your imagination to fabricate a DIY hammer with lightweight and less damaging items you find around the house. This event would then see who can toss the mythical hammer the furthest.

Odin’s Spear Javelin Throw

Using pool noodles as a simple target, fashion one pool noodle into something similar to a javelin/Odin’s spear. The event then gives each ring a specific point total and the player gets 5 throws. Highest Cumulative score wins.


This event features a cardboard box wall. The player has one opportunity to run through the wall, knocking down as many boxes as possible. The largest number of knocked down boxes wins the event.

Valkyrie Dagger Toss

Similar to Odin’s Spear Javelin Throw, only this time competitors will use toy daggers similar to Valkyrie’s daggers in the film. Highest point total wins.

Balance on the Bifrost Bridge

Balance beam could also be used in a competition where players battle each other with pool noodles to push each other off the bridge.

Team Thor vs. Team Hulk Tug of War

Players split up into two teams and then battle it out as Team Hulk and Team Thor in a massive tug of war.

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