6 Reasons I Love Shopping at Savers

I received product/compensation in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

Did you know that 26 billion pounds of clothing and textiles go into landfills each year, yet 95 percent of these items could be reused or recycled? (SMART)


I am a big believer in recycling and reusing. I have recycled everything and anything I can into my own home’s recycling bin ever since I bought my first home and I have shopped second-hand stores for over 20 years. I hate adding waste if I don’t have to and there really is something with the saying “One man’s junk is another man’s treasure.” One way to put it into perspective too is we should do whatever we can to prevent our landfills from turning into laundry piles, because we all know how easily laundry piles up!

One of my absolute favorite stores is Savers (the parent company of Unique thrift store) and I am fortunate to have a huge one minutes from my house. I actually go there every Monday for half-price tags and I have yet to miss a Monday in forever. I honestly am constantly amazed at what I find at Savers.

Here is my recent shopping trip where my total was $46 – If I bought all this at regular prices my total would be in the hundreds! The FILA gym shoes alone for my 11-year-old would probably cost close to $40!

6 Reasons I Love Shopping at Savers

1. I love that the items are quality ones. That is not to say that I have not come across an item that is stained or broken but it is very rare that I do. Honestly, at least 80% of my families clothes are from Savers.

2. Thanks to the low prices I don’t have to worry if my kids stain or ruin something whereas if they ripped or stained a shirt I paid $20 for, I’d be pretty mad. When I pay $2 for something and it gets ruined, I don’t feel awful throwing it away.

3. The prices are competitive to other second-hand stores, even cheaper if you get them at half-price or discounted thanks to their rewards program. Yes Savers does have a rewards program where you earn points towards a discount with each purchase, you just tell the cashier your phone number!

4. I have received the most compliments on my Savers items than compared to any other store’s items I have. I love when people ask me where I got something and I get to say Savers! Everything there is basically one of a kind rather than the same shirt or dress off the local Kohl’s rack.

5. They have a large variety of items including clothing, shoes, housewares, books, toys and more. Seriously they have a huge variety of items and I pretty much always buy a little of everything!

6. I can drop off goods to donate and then head in to shop. I love knowing my items will be bought and used by others rather than buried in a landfill Savers also give receipts for tax deduction purposes.

Check out Savers for yourself

There are over 300 Savers stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Check the Savers website for one in your area.

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  1. I love savers too, I got a bunch of cute things from there for a couple of dollars. I could probably spend hours in there and walk out with a bunch of bags and only spend twenty dollars.

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