Who Says Popping Pimples is Not Fun? #IGotZits

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Kids can be gross, or I should say that they like gross things. Whoopie cushions, armpit farts, fake bugs and plastic vomit, are just some of the things my boys at least like. I know my kids are not alone either in their love of disgusting things as those silly toys sell every day. Well now “gross” has been taking to the next level with toy pimples that kids can actually pop! ZitsTM   is a new product on the market sure to gross out any kids!

Did you know that hundreds of millions of viewers around the world are tuning into platforms like YouTube, Facebook and Reddit to watch people pop zits? There are even celebrity zit poppers. One dermatologist, dubbed “Dr. Pimple Popper,” has 3.2 million YouTube subscribers and almost 1,000 videos, with a staggering 2 billion views. To me that is totally disgusting but to each their own I guess!

Zits pop n’ play pimples let “pimple’s shine” by allowing kids to place stickered pimples on themselves and then popping them! The pimples are safe and non-toxic and absolutely disgusting!

My kids think Zits are silly and love popping them. It is a strange feeling and sensation popping and even watching them being popped. Even after the first one grossing them out, they wanted to do more. I love that they are easy enough to stick on and off their faces, no irritation or pain left behind. They are simple stickers with a liquid in them that oozes out when popped. The white liquid does remind me of what comes out of a pimple! I think these are good to if you are teaching a child how to pop their own pimples because it strangely is similar.

Check out Zits

Zits pop n’ play pimples come in several sizes and are being sold in a massive pack of 100 for $19.99 at IGotZits.com. They will be coming this March to Walmart and other major retailers and will be sold in packages of 25, with an MSRP of $4.99.

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  1. I think my kids would have fun with this even a few of my adult friends the more I think about it lol

  2. Kandice Bentley says:

    My kids would love this!

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