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My 9-year-old son loves computers, robots and building. We have yet to find a nitch for him though to really bring all his loves together. My oldest is a tech lover and has begun piecing together computers but my middle son can be lazy and gets bored easily. Makeblock Neuron is a set though that has kept him busy for over a month now.

What is Makeblock Neuron?

Makeblock Neuron is a set of programmable electronic building blocks that kids (and adults) can invent with. They incorporate flow-based programming starting from beginners to more challenging inventions.

The kit comes with 30+ electronic blocks that snap together easily with magnetic Pogo Pins. No crazy strength required to push/pull them apart. Each of the blocks are color-coded so they can be easily distinguished: Green for Energy & Communication blocks, orange for Input blocks, and blue for Output blocks. An electronic gadget can be created in minutes and the possibilities are endless!

My son created an adorable interactive bunny for our Easter centerpiece using the app and he barely scratched the surface with that!

pic rabbit

To build a creation you just download the Makeblock Neuron app to create the code for the gadget. No coding experience is required as the app walks you through and even shows the action on the screen. The coding is then sent to the blocks via bluetooth. The app has all the instructions so it is necessary for most creations otherwise the creations will be very simple.

The website references building an automatic flower-watering machine, a sonic lamp and more! My son is so excited to get building now that he has the hang of building.

Here is a video of my son showing off Makeblock Neuron:

Makeblock Neuron is seriously so advanced!

While my son hasn’t made it to the advanced levels yet or expanded to other sets, Makeblock Neuron can be used with Internet of Things and is compatible with the Makeblock platform, LEGO blocks and Codey Rocky.

Would I recommend Makeblock Neuron?

Yes! For just over $100, this kit has really sparked something in my son. He went from having no interest in programming or creating with technology to super curious. Rather than him just sitting like a zombie playing a game on his tablet, I see him playing with the Neuron gadgets and browsing the app. I feel like the wheels in his brain are turning!

Check out Makeblock Neuron and get creating!

You can read more about Makeblock Neuron on the website.

Here is a video from Makeblock Neuron that shows it off:

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  1. I have not seen anything quite like this before. I can understand how it would spark imagination.

  2. Katherine S says:

    My kids would love this. I can definitely picture my husband doing this with our boys. I havent seen this

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