Help Support Teachers With SONIC’s Limeades for Learning

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Did you know that every year public school teachers spend $1 billion total of their own dollars to buy supplies for their classrooms? From new scissors to pencils to organizers, teachers everywhere do what they need to for their students. Kids shouldn’t have to experience a lack of resources that could benefit them! This year marks the 10th year for SONIC Drive-In’s annual Limeades for Learning campaign, a national award-winning initiative to support U.S. public school teachers in local communities.

For the next few months, SONIC will be donating money to teacher projects posted on the Limeades for Learning website so teachers from Portland, Maine to Portland Oregon can get the school supplies and materials they need for their classrooms. The initiative is successful thanks to the help of, which is an organization dedicated to making it easy for anyone to help a classroom in need. Teachers just log onto and launch a campaign for something they need such as new chairs for students or tech for the classroom and people can donate to the campaign.To date, SONIC has funded more than 17,000 classroom projects and supported more than 536,850 students!

I have donated personally to a few times now and it really is a great feeling knowing I am helping out a classroom and getting to see what my donation will be used for. You can search for projects by topics, teachers or schools near you or anywhere.

Some of current Limeades for Learning projects available are:

An EV3 Kit to Teach Programming


A project to fund Butterfly Larvae Cultures to watch the larvae turn into butterflies.

A project to purchase 3 economics games and 18 economics books to increase financial literacy

Are you a teacher who could use some funding?

Don’t miss the opportunity to create a project to benefit your classroom and students. Then the community votes for the public school teacher’s projects during the fall voting campaign. It is obviously better to get the projects launched the sooner the better to have a better chance at getting their project funded.

Everyone can benefit from Limeades for Learning

Teachers have nothing to lose by creating a project and the community has nothing to loose by voting for them and/or donating themselves if they can. I have always been a fan of SONIC Drive-In and love them, even more, knowing that they have partnered to help teachers. SONIC’s Limeades for Learning is an initiative that is benefiting students across the country and kids are our future!

Help support teachers the way SONIC does!

With the help and support of everyone, by 2021 SONIC’s total contribution to local public school classrooms will exceed $20 million.

For more information on the Limeades for Learning program please visit


Speak Your Mind



  1. Cindy Kaump says

    Who won?

  2. My kids’ schools can use kleenex and pencils.

  3. My kids’ school could use some books

  4. Joni Chadwell says

    Our grandchildren need some form of better transportation. I dreadseeing them walk for blocks in our nasty weather here in NW Pennsylvania. There are so many weidios out there also.

  5. Our school could use more computers.

  6. My daughters school could really use some new chairs for the lunchroom and front office. Thanks so much for the chances to win.

  7. more teachers and more space to put them in

  8. elizabeth miller says

    Our school is adding on a new building for a preschool addition and they could use everything from shelving to designs stuff to books for them.

  9. Bryan Vice says

    Our teachers could use more computers for her class

  10. Buddy Garrett says

    It needs more computers for the students.

  11. My son’s school could use a new air conditioning system! It is always so hot there and teachers are running around sweating!

  12. Leah Shumack says

    Pencils, dry erase markers, and good Kleenex are always high on the teacher’s lists that come home from school!

  13. Our school could really use new computers.

  14. Our teachers need a pay raise.
    Thanks for the contest.

  15. Donna porter says

    They could use laptops. paper, pens and pencils.

  16. Kayla Klontz says

    They could use an outdoor recess area.

  17. Gina Ferrell says

    My daughter’s school could always use more laptops, books, and headphones.

  18. Amy Deeter says

    They could use pencils, papers, and notebooks

  19. Our school could use more usual school supplies and more books for the library

  20. Our school could really use new computers.

  21. Holly Thomas says

    The schools in my area could use basic everyday supplies.

  22. SHIRLEY SYMON says

    My school could more money for their robotic club. They are really good but do not have the money to enter enough competitions to win the national championship

  23. Shakeia Rieux says

    They need binders, books, markers, pencil grips, scissors and card stock.

  24. Sally Gearhart says

    I was talking to my youngest daughter and she wishes there was a more detailed art class, not just the very basics. I told her that probably they need donations and supplies to help. I know they are always needed everyday classroom items too like pencils, paper, dry erase markers, sharpies and so on.

  25. More everyday supplies is always needed like tissues, books, pencils, snacks.

  26. James Robert says

    Well, good question because they don’t say what is needed but ask all the time for us to help our with collecting labels for them so they can purchase things.

  27. I am not sure what they can use more of. I should check!

  28. Sheila Hickmon says

    My daughter’s school could use more volunteers and definitely more tablets for students that don’t have them. They only have a few for select students.

  29. Lana simanovicki says

    Clorox wipes

  30. They can always use Kleenex!

  31. Casey Garvey says

    Our teachers could use arts and crafts supplies. Also books are always needed.

  32. Selene Montgomery says

    Teachers can always use gift cards to get what they need.

  33. Julie Bickham says

    My daughters school needs basic supplies like copy paper, pencils, notebooks etc

  34. Janice Cooper says

    They can always use new supplies and text books

  35. Tammy iler says

    Basic school supplies and such. My brother in law is a teacher and I always try to donate whatever I can to help out….some of these teachers pay out of pocket for the things in their classrooms

  36. Susan Smith says

    My daughters teacher could use some more art supplies.

  37. Jennifer Tilson says

    My children’s school is always in need of basic supplies and technology.

  38. Notebooks and headphones.

  39. Janet Leonard says

    My students need an additional Chromebook so that more classmates may use digital tools simultaneously. Thank you for supporting mighty work in classrooms.

  40. vickie couturier says

    my grandsons classroom always needs computer paper and copying supplies

  41. My brother is a teacher and supplies are always needed!

  42. Lyndsey R. says

    My son’s school could use more books for their library.

  43. Janet Leonard says

    My students could benefit from having one more Chromebook. This would allow more students to use digital tools simultaneously. Thank you for supporting mighty work in classrooms!

  44. Jaque Richards says

    My school needs higher wages for both teachers and support staff. …and less money to administrators. Ok, got that off my chest. Every classroom needs basic tools; paper, pencils, books, etc. Thank you. 🙂

  45. Linda G. says

    my school could use glue,pencils, writing paper really basic things

  46. My granddaughters school could use more art supplies.

  47. Erika Sternberg says

    Our teachers could use more supplies.

  48. paige chandler says

    Our teachers could use more markers for the board

  49. Jennylyn Gross says

    new text books

  50. Stephanie says

    Books and technology are much needed.

  51. they request pencils, kleenex, and hand santizer

  52. Peggy Nunn says

    They can always use more colors, tissues, paper towels, dry erase markers and such.

  53. Antoinette M says

    Books (for all reading levels) are always welcome!

  54. The school could always use new supplies!

  55. The school and teachers could always use new books for the classrooms.

  56. Our school could use new books.

  57. Kelly Hanley says

    books and markers

  58. cheryl s says

    besides books our school could always use art supplies

  59. Mary Beth Elderton says

    We are in a neighborhood where many teachers and schools need many things. One I found is an elementary school class that needs books for early readers.

  60. Every school can use more books on varying reading levels.

  61. Allyson Maiolo says

    Book storage!

  62. laura feist says

    more tablets

  63. Angelica C Dimeo says

    I think my son’s classroom could use more tablets

  64. Janet Woodling says

    My daughter is a classroom teacher. I would let her decide what she needs.

  65. Sandy Klocinski says

    What my school needs right now is more school supplies ( pencils,paper,glue,etc.)We are reading from old books and using our own pencils.

  66. Catherine Schrock says

    I can use books for my classroom library.

  67. My school could use more tablets for students!

  68. They can use more computers for the school

  69. Margaret Smith says

    My sons school could use some computers or laptops

  70. Valerie McElroy says

    My students can use Chromebooks, every day school supplies, flexible seating, and rewards for our behavior program. Thank you for supporting teachers!

  71. shelly peterson says

    I’m sure tourclassrooms could always use school supplies.

  72. D Schmidt says

    They could definitely use stationary supplies.

  73. Kelly Nicholson says

    Leave a blog post comment on something your school or teacher could use

    Teacher can use a gun these days,strapped to her side..NO MORE BS!

  74. Dana Rodriguez says

    This is such a great program. The elementary school where we live needs several things for the third grade class.

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