15 Things to do at the Crayola Experience

I received tickets in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

When I first heard there was a place called the Crayola Experience at Mall of America, I admit I was excited. My love for Crayola started when I got my first crayon and even to this day I love the yellow and green boxed crayons and markers. I was worried though if it was something my whole family could enjoy, specifically my 9 and 11-year-old sons. While my 6-year-old daughter definitely had the most fun there, my boys didn’t complain once and were bummed when we had to leave the 60,000 sq. ft. of interactive fun!

15 Things to do at the Crayola Experience:

1. Color actual walls and figures! Yes, this is allowed and pretty cool to color something other than paper.

2. Stomp around on the interactive floor. This was pretty crowded whenever we walked by so it is definitely a hit!

3. Climb on a 2-story Crayola-themed playground full of slides, bouncy things, bridges and more! There is a big one for kids 5-12 and also a smaller Toddler area.

4. Have a Crayon imitate your dance moves on a giant screen!

5. Color a page and watch it come alive on the screen! You can even take a selfie with the creation and have it emailed to you! My whole family sat here and spent the longest time coloring!

6. Painting fun! Yes there are paints and why not let your kids paint their masterpiece there instead of making the mess at home! There are even giant dryers to ensure the paint is dried to take home.

7. There is a super fun cafe here as well but we had already eaten unfortunately but the prices were pretty awesome and it is nice that you don’t have to leave the experience to eat.

8. Create a printable page featuring your photo! There was a bunch of backgrounds to choose from and it prints out the page immediately.

9. Design a car or model in the whatever colors you want and watch it come alive. You just scan it in and it pops up on the screen!

10. Create a 6 or 12 piece puzzle! You color a piece of cardboard then run it through a press which stamps out the puzzle pieces! My kids had a blast making these!

11. Melt down a crayon into a certain shape! My daughter got a crayon ring and my boys got cars. It is pretty cool to put the crayon in the mold and watch the oven heat up to melt the wax.

12. Watch a movie and interactive presentation about making crayons. This is relatively short and provides a nice break.

13. Create a drawing or wording on a computer and it pops up alive on a giant screen.

Everything above is included in your admission ticket. The following two require a token, which you receive two when you enter. Additional tokens are $0.50. You can do both once or one of them twice.

14. Name your own crayon and wrap it! You pick the color and name! Each crayon costs one token.

15. Crayola Model Magin fun where you can roll, mold and blend the pieces. You get one bag of Model Magic for one token, we used most of our tokens on this attraction to get all the various colors.

Honestly, if you have a child 12 or under, I would recommend checking out The Crayola Experience. The price is affordable, especially if you pre-buy the tickets online where you can save a few dollars. Younger kids definitely will have more fun but older kids will be inspired. We came home with a big bag of creations, Model Magic and some crayons. My 6-year-old keeps asking when we can go back, unfortunately, the closest location is about 6 hours away. I would have loved to have an annual pass there when my kids were younger, it is a great place to unwind and get your creative juices flowing. We will definitely go back though when we make it to the Mall of America again.

Check out the Crayola Experience

Read more about what the Crayola Experience has to offer (my list above doesn’t cover everything) and see if there is a location near you.

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  1. vickie coutrurier says:

    my grandkids would love this place,,looks like tons of fun

  2. This place sounds so interesting. I didn’t even know it existed.

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