5 Family Friendly Attractions in Miami

Miami has something of a reputation for being the place to go if you’re into lively bars, beautiful people and midnight pool parties. However, it is also a pretty great place to visit with your children in tow.

Whether you’re traveling with toddlers or teenagers, you will find tons of things to do together as a family, which is why Miami should definitely be on your family vacation radar. Not convinced? Check out these very fun family attractions that you’ll find in Miami:

Sawgrass Recreation Park

One of the best things about Florida is the Everglades, and Miami is undoubtedly one of the best places to see them. Take a trip to Sawgrass Recreation Park and you’ll be blown away by the unique landscapes before you. For the price of general admission, you’ll be treated to a 30-minute airboat tour of the Everglades and gain access to no less than three wonderful exhibit areas filled with iguanas, sea turtles and a huge alligator weighing 1,000 pounds. What’s not to love?

Oleta River State Park

Another fantastic attraction for those of you who prefer your family fun to be outdoor-sy is Oleta River State Park which is home to some 15 miles of mountain trails where you can hike or ride rental bikes, Of course, it is also home to over 12,000 feet of beautiful sandy beaches and soothing waters where you can kayak all day long. It’s a beautiful place to get together and get active in the Miami heat.

Vizcaya Museum & Garden

You might not think that a historic home and it’s garden is the best place to visit with your family, but if you head to Vizcaya Museum & Garden you’ll see lots of families having fun, which is not really surprising because it’s close to the Residence Inn Miami Coconut Grove, which is a greta place to stay, it’2 home to 25 acres of beautiful garden including fun-filled hedge mazes and unbeatble views over Biscayne Bay, and there are thousands of historical knick-knacks and furnishings for the adults to enjoy. Fun, affordable and great for pictures, it is one place you’ll definitely want to visit in Miami.

The Wynwood Walls

The Wynwood Walls are a set of bold and beautiful murals located in the former warehouse district, which lovers of art, street art and design, of all ages will love. If you’re visiting with younger kids, it’s best to visit in the day because the crowds can get pretty rambunctious at night, and be sure to bring along a camera because you’re going to want to capture the unique beauty you see there.


This very family-friendly Miami attraction consists of no less than 15000 square feet of playland, There are arcade games, bumper cars, laser tag and bungee activities galore, which mean you can have endless fun here.

What are your favorite family-friendly attractions in Miami?

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  1. We don’t live in Florida and in all these reviews I read about, it makes me sad!! I have visited there a few times, but I’m not even close to seeing all the beauty it has to offer! I would love to do a 30-minute airboat tour of the Everglades! This sounds awesome. Thank you for sharing!

  2. Thank you for including Vizcaya Museum and Gardens! We have wonderful family-friendly programs coming up including Sensing Music on June 10th.

    We also have free art-making workshops, called “Float,” from July 28 to August 2nd.

    Sign up or learn more at vizcayatickets.org.

    -Charlotte, Vizcaya Museum and Gardens

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