Best Practices for Baby Bottle Feeding

If you have entered into the world of motherhood, it’s time to know about the basics of baby products and baby care. One among the important area where we have to concentrate is the feeding practices. Many times, the new mothers get confused on the feeding techniques for their tiny little ones. One should show great care while feeding their babies as they easily stick to various viral infections. Feeding bottles play a major role for newborns as it is the main source for feeding the babies. There are different types and shapes of bottle teats available for babies. However, not all of them suit your little bunny.

Choosing the Right Teat

It is ultimately your baby, which decides on the comfort of the bottle you feed. If you can look deep into your baby’s reaction, you will come to know the difference it shows towards different baby bottle teats. As a first step to being a great mom you should start analyzing which teat your baby feels comfortable. Once you are familiar with it, then you are good to go on buying the other products for feeding.

Here are some of the get to know that you as a new mom should know for giving the best of care to your child.

  • Should I spend a fortune?

This is one of the most common questions almost every mom has while purchasing products for their babies. However, it is not true that you should spend a fortune to buy a feeding bottle. Instead of investing greater money on one type of bottle you can try out different shapes and variations of feeding bottles having different teats.

  • Size Matters

Considering the age of the newborn the size of the feeding bottle varies accordingly. You must be aware of the fact that the feeding nipples are available in various sizes and flow, which should be suitable for various stages of infancy.

For example, if you are feeding a newborn then the smallest type of teat will suit the best. There are also special kinds of teats which are available for premature babies so that they would be able to suck even though they suffer from oral problems.

  • Material of the Teat

The most common type of teats comes in either silicone or latex nipples. The latex teats are softer in touch and are more flexible to feed the babies. One concern is that it doesn’t last long and sometimes it is allergic too. Hence, you can go for silicone one’s, which are firmer to hold and last longer.

  • Cleaning the bottle teats

Sterilizing the baby bottle teats is very important before you use. Take a pot of boiling water and sterilize your supplies for at least five minutes to get rid of germs and bacteria. Also, it is not a wise choice in using plastic or glass bottles. You can also seek the recommendation of your doctor to understand the best practices of feeding and sterilizing.

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  1. Donna L Holder says

    some great information. thank you so much

  2. Peggy Nunn says

    these are great points for the Mothers. Thank you for the information.

  3. Christina Gould says

    Great advice, thanks. There are a lot more bottle choices than when my daughter was born. Thanks for posting!

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