Taking Laser Tag to the Next Level With Laser X Micro Blasters

I received product/compensation in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

Back in 2016, my sons received Laser X blasters and ever since they have been blasting away. Yes this product line has kept my son’s attention for years now! I actually recommended them to all my son’s friends so they all can play together. While I didn’t think they could improve upon the original Laser X blasters, they have! I mean a Laser Tag blaster that can shoot up to 200 feet both inside or outside, even in direct sunlight, is a pretty cool item.

Last year they added the Long Range Blaster (shoots up to 400 feet) and Gaming Tower (includes 10 built-in-games), which are compatible with all the Laser X blasters. The newest addition to the line are the Laser X Micro Blasters.  These small but mightly blasters shoot up to 100 feet away and work with all the current Laser X products.

Here are the Laser X blasters in comparison:

Laser X Micro Blasters feature state-of-the-art lighting and sound effects just like other Laser X gear but packed into 5-inch sized blasters. They are sized smaller but to me that just makes them easier for kids to hold and reload. Then instead of strapping the receiver to their chest, kids (or adults) strap the receiver on their upper arm.

You can have as few as two players or the whole neighborhood with any variety of blasters. Advanced sensors in the Laser X blasters know when players are blasting, being hit, running or hiding. An interactive “coach” even uses this information to give players tips and tricks throughout the game. I love the size of them as they are super portable and easy for kids to bring with them wherever. Like I said, my whole neighborhood now has them and the boys are constantly bringing their blasters to their friends houses.

Honestly, I really love how easy all the Laser X products we have tried are and how much fun my kids have with them. It is a toy line that has yet to get pushed aside in the corner and one that is really ageless. My oldest is 11 and my youngest is 9, they both love it. I recommend buying them sooner than later too as they are a hot item and hard to keep in stock!

Get Laser X Micro Blasters

Micro Blasters are recommended for ages 6+ and retail for $29.99 for a double set and $14.99 to equip a single player. The game is available at GetLaserX.com and is coming soon to Walmart, Costco and Target.

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