Is the Morf Board a Skateboard, Scooter, Bouncer or Balancer or All of the Above?

I received a product/compensation in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

Being a mom of three kids at various ages means we have a lot of toys and gadgets. Sometimes I feel overwhelmed with everything but then I see my kids smile as they play or ride on something and I feel better. One area that gets out of control pretty quickly is our garage due to all the ride on and outside toys we have. The Morf Board has created a system that allows my kids to have multiple toys with just switching out a few pieces. So rather than having a skateboard and scooter, they can have one unit with just some add-ons.

So what did my 10-year-old think of Morf Board?

He loves the different pieces and that he can switch them out himself. No tools are required other than hands twisting in the different add-ons. You might need to help in the strength department but overall, my on was able to do it all himself.

So the Morf Board starts out with Scoot and Skate System. You get one bord and the different add-ons to create either a scooter or skateboard. This is the main unit you would buy and start with.

Next, there is the Balance Xtension with is an add-on to the main unit. This is definitely tricky to do and I recommend practicing holding onto someone or something until you get the hang of it. Once used to it though, my son had a blast!

Finally, there is the Balance Xtension. This makes the board bounce thanks to two bounce pieces on each end. Again this is something that should be practiced by holding onto someone or something until you get the hang of it.

Check out the Morf Board

You can find the Morf Board on Amazon or wherever toys are sold. Make sure you start with the Scoot and Skate System though.

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  1. Mia Rose says

    I am new to all of these ride on toys for kids but this one looks like it would be really good since it can be changed for so many different uses.

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