5 Reasons to Check Out MOD Pizza

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Have you ever just wanted your own customized pizza but don’t want to go through the hassle of buying/cutting up a million ingredients so you stick with the same ole’ same ole’ pizza? Or maybe you have a family fight over what toppings to get each time you order? Recently my family discovered a hidden gem pizza restaurant called MOD Pizza and it has seriously made pizza night so much easier for my family.

My kids would never eat a pizza with all this stuff on them, so finally us parents got to indulge!

Here are 5 Reasons to Check Out MOD Pizza:

  1. Each person gets to customize their own individual artisan-style pizza made to order. There are three sizes to choose from perfect for however big your appetite is. This makes it especially nice for families who all want something different. I cannot say enough over how excited my kids were to be able to order whatever they wanted on their pizzas! You can choose from their variety of pizzas and add or subtract toppings or start from scratch.

2. There are over 30 toppings and various signature sauces to choose from – all at one flat price! So get one topping or 10 and there is no additional charge for toppings. Honestly my family usually just gets sausage pizza because that $1.75 per topping at our local pizza place can really add up. Plus the food is all carefully selected and prepared for freshness and quality taste.

3. There are seasonal offerings to check out perfect to mix up your pizza experience, including new pizza varieties and salads to choose from. My husband and I split the Roasted Asparagus Salad and it was delicious!

Right now there is The Sophie, with a white sauce-base, this brand-new pizza also features the peppery bite of arugula, creamy mozzarella cheese, savory artichokes and smoky bacon. The pizza is topped off with grated parmesan cheese and finished with a drizzle of MOD’s Sri-Rancha, adding the perfect touch of heat. If you’d like an alternative to pizza – MOD’s seasonal Roasted Asparagus Salad will hit the spot!

4. MOD Pizza treats its employees first including offering them with above-industry pay and benefits. I believe happy employees who are treated right means better customer service and honestly the service I receive every time we go there is exceptional. Every employee is always so cheerful and helpful!

5. To wash down the amazing pizzas and salads there are sodas, house-made ice teas and lemonades, hand spun milkshakes and some locations even have draft/bottled beer and wine! I usually get fountain drinks at restaurants but couldn’t resist trying each of the lemonades as they all looked so refreshing – and yes they are!

For my family of five, it cost just over $50, which seems like a lot but we did splurge with a beer, brownie, and bigger pizzas than we probably needed – so we did have leftovers for lunch the next day. My kids ask daily to go back to MOD Pizza and it is definitely a place we have added to our restaurant rotation list. The convenience too of quick, personal pizzas that are exactly what everyone wants is worth every penny!

Head to MOD Pizza

Check out to see if one of the 300+ MOD Pizza stores across the U.S. are located near you.

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  1. chrissy c says

    I have never tried MOD pizza but my son has and said it’s amazing!

  2. No, I have never been to a MOD Pizza before. I didn’t know that there was one in the city I live in.

  3. Jerry Marquardt says

    I would love to try out MOD Pizza, but I have not been there yet. It looks so appetizing.

  4. Amy Deeter says

    i have never been to MOD pizza before, but i would love to

  5. Julie Hawkins says

    I have been the pizza is delicious.

  6. bill norris says

    i have and i like their pizza.

  7. Nicole Lancaster says

    I have never been to a MOD Pizza before.

  8. We just got a Mod pizza in the city I live in. I haven’t tried it yet but I would love to.

  9. Never been before, but curious, because now there’s one in my county.

  10. Kelly Wilson says

    My family loves MOD Pizza we go there all the time

  11. Yana Ryjova says

    I have never been to one before but I want to try it.

  12. My family loves MOD pizza! Have you ever tried the double crust pizza? So good!

  13. Lisa Bourlier says

    Never been but must try it soon!

  14. Erica Hall says

    Yes and we ABSOLUTELY LOVED it!

  15. I haven’t been to one, and I’ve never even heard of MOD Pizza! But I see there’s one near me in Sykesville, MD. Convenient; I’ll have to check it out, for sure!

  16. Jen Reed says

    I have been to MOD Pizza before and it is very good. It is my husband’s favorite restaurant currently.

  17. I have never been to MOD pizza before.

  18. cyndi br says

    I have not been there yet

  19. no, I have not

  20. Jennifer Tilson says

    I’ve never been to MOD Pizza before.

  21. Cassandra Berholtz says

    I haven’t tried yet, but they are FINALLY opening one near by soon. I can’t wait to try it!

  22. Fredrick Pauly says

    Not yet. They just put one in by my house.

  23. I have been to MOD pizza before and it is legitimately my most favorite pizza place!! I love it so much!

  24. We have not had the opportunity to try MOD pizza yet. We have several locations across the valley here.

  25. Michelle C says

    I’ve never been to MOD pizza, but I checked and there is one close by!

  26. I’ve never been to one before.

  27. Kerry Keller says

    Love MOD pizza.

  28. No I have not been to MOD pizza yet.

  29. Jessica W. says

    I have been to Mod Pizza before and it was amazing! I love it!

  30. I have been to Mod Pizza. It’s perfect and everyone can get exactly what they want. Hubby can add jalapeños, I can add tomatoes and the kids can get extra cheese and lots of olives!

  31. We’ve never ate at MOD Pizza, but would really like to give it a try. I checked out their menu and the Dillon James and Tristan pizzas caught my eye!

  32. Brynn Dexter says

    My family loves mod pizza!

  33. Dana Rodriguez says

    I haven’t been to one yet but there are a couple in our area. Looks good!

  34. I haven’t, but there’s one near my primary grocery store so I’d love to visit.

  35. mami2jcn says

    I haven’t been to a Mod Pizza yet.

  36. I have never been but I’ve been wanting try it!

  37. Andrea v says

    I haven’t but i see i have one close. We will definitely try them soon.

  38. Mya Jo Murphy says

    I’ve eaten at Mod twice, and I love it!

  39. I have not been yet. There are no restaurants where I live now, but there are three where I used to live. Next time I go visit my son I will have to take him to one for dinner. College kids always love a free meal lol.

  40. Kathy Stevenson says

    I’ve never been to mod.

  41. Huge fan. I love their Casius pizza…think that’s it. It’s bbq, feta cheese, purple onion, chicken…OMG! Delish!

  42. My grandchildren love MOD!

  43. shelly peterson says

    I have not been to MOD Pizza yet.

  44. Mia Rose says

    I have had Mod Pizza before and it is delicious.

  45. Susan Smith says

    No i have never been to Mod Pizza before.

  46. Angelica Dimeo says

    No i have never been to Mod Pizza before even though there is one in my town

  47. I have not been to a MOD pizza before. There are a few near but I have not tried.

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