A Day With International Delight OREO Iced Coffee & OREO Thins Bites

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I have never been a big hot coffee drinker but iced coffee is something I love. I admit though I am lazy and iced coffee takes extra steps, i.e. making the coffee, getting the ice, adding milk and flavor. Yes, too many steps for me to make especially while I am trying to feed my three kids and get ready for whatever our day entails.

When I discovered International Delight OREO Iced Coffee online I was so excited and cannot wait for my local Walmart store to get it in stock! How awesome does that sound that I could get my coffee and OREO fix in one and without all the time it will take to make it! Who would have thought about ice coffee blended and ready in a convenient to pour container?

Then for even more OREO flavor, I found out there are OREO Thins Bites at Walmart! These little bites are thin and crispy chocolate cookie pieces that are dipped in a thin coating of fudge! These are the perfect on-the-go snack or even to go with my glass of International Delight OREO Iced Coffee, perfect if you don’t have an espresso coffee machine on hand. I chose the Mint Creme flavor variety because I love all things mint!

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You can also save $0.50 off OREO Thins Bites at Walmart using the Ibotta offer.

For even more savings on International Delight OREO Iced Coffee and OREO Thin Bites – when purchased together, you can receive an additional $0.50 off OREO Thins Bites and International Delight OREO Iced Coffee!

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  1. Always loved thins like thinsation snacks.. this is awesome

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