How to Select the Best Hoverboard to Buy

Hoverboards are gaining in popularity, the steady growth of the hoverboard market is a solid proof of that. It’s not a surprise as this rideable is fun, easy to transport, and can travel rather fast for something that small. It also doesn’t require extensive training to ride, so you can master it within a few days. All these factors contributed to bringing hoverboards in trend, which resulted in mass-production of these gadgets by businesses from all over the world. This makes shopping for the device quite a challenge as you need to know exactly what kind of gadget will be right for you. To make a wise decision, consider your requirements for the device, age and weight of the rider, and some other factors related to the gadget’s quality.

How to Select the Best Hoverboard for You: 5 Essential Steps to Take

Consider the age and weight of the rider

Many hoverboards do not explicitly forbid it in their instructions, however, the truth of the matter is that they shouldn’t be used by anyone under the age of 12. Even then the child should be supervised as some of these rideables can go up to 15 mph. A crash on that speed can do some serious harm to a child. These devices definitely shouldn’t be used by anyone under 12.

The weight of the rider matters because the hoverboards of today can take 200 pounds of weight max. Some of the smaller gadgets might not be able to handle even that. The good news is that some of the sturdier new models can take over 200 pounds of weight. However, your speed and mobility might be severely limited.

Study reviews

When determining the quality of the device, you’ll need to get help from independent sources, for example study the top 4 hoverboards review. Trustworthy reviews are the ones that contain unbiased information on the strengths and weaknesses of different devices. Studying these materials will also allow you to determine what the top brands in the industry are.

As hoverboards are relatively new, many of the brand names might be unknown to you. That’s why independent reviews matter so much in assessing them.

Decide what kind of ride you need

Do you want to ride long distances? Are you a speed-junkie who wants to push the gadget’s abilities to the max? Will you need to carry the hoverboard around in a bag?

Answering these questions will help you select the best hoverboard for you. These answers will determine wheel sizes, size of the board itself, and capacity of the batteries. Bear in mind that larger wheels are necessary to ride uneven surfaces, but they are always heavier.

Double-check the batteries and safety terms

Hoverboards are considered safe devices, but there have been a few tragic incidents with low-quality li-ion batteries literally exploding. Buying from a reputable brand should help you avoid this disaster. However, it’s best to double-check that the batte4ry in the gadget complies with the federal safety standards.

Note that some hoverboard brands using batteries from world-renowned manufacturers, like Samsung. You should definitely look for options like this. It’s not only the rider’s personal safety that depends on the reliability of the batteries. Their quality determines how often you’ll have to recharge the gadget and for how long that charge will last. A good modern hoverboard should take a few hours to charge and can go for up to 15 miles on a single battery.

Never buy a device that doesn’t come with a warranty and a return policy. Remember that there are many low-quality knockoffs on the hoverboard market today.

Research the local laws

Hoverboards are recent enough to not have much in terms of legislation. However, as electric rideables are getting more common, authorities fix that, so you should check it before buying.

Find out if a hoverboard is considered an electric rideable in your state and county (counties often have separate regulations on this). Then find out if you need any special permits to ride this gadget. For example, electric skateboards now require the riders to use bike lanes and wear protective helmets in some states. As hoverboards are ‘related’ to Segway, be sure to check the regulations for that rideable and then consult an expert to determine if your hoverboard will be judged the same by the authorities.

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    I did not realize there were so many things to think of when buying a hoverboard. Thank you for all that information.

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