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The first thing we do whenever we are heading out on a road trip is stock up on essentials. I have found that if I let me kids each pick out 2-3 items at a convenience store then we have smooth sailing the whole trip. Yes, that is my secret- I give my kids free rain at a convenience store and they are happy campers the whole road trip.

Which convenience store do I mean? Any! Yes any gas station that also sells food and general merchandise, whether it be a major brand like 7-Eleven or an independently owned store.

There are actually more than 154,000 stores nationwide selling fuel, food and merchandise – serving 160 million customers daily! Basically half of the U.S. population is stopping into convenience stores daily!

Here are 7 Things You Can Find at a Convenience Store:

1. Coffee, fountain drinks, and slushies – Perfect for when you want a fountain beverage or hot coffee. Speaking of coffee, many convenience stores now offer fancier coffee than just black or decaf!

2. Sunglasses!  I cannot tell you how many times I have started driving and realized I had no sunglasses with me. I love that I can pick up a cheap pair at a convenience store to get me through my road trip.

3. Fun and unique treats! I feel like convenience stores have such cool treats and snacks, like ones I have never seen anywhere else. There is actually an annual trade show from the National Association of Convenience Stores (NACS) where convenience stores can check out various products – which makes sense why they all have such cool stuff!

4. Fresh foods and hot foods. So many convenience stores now carry fresh fruits, cold and hot sandwiches and even salads. Yes, there is more to choose from other than just rolled hot dogs! I still say the best burger I have ever had was a loaded one I bought from a convenience store! Even yogurts and cheeses can be found!

5. Chips and dips! Yes, you can actually buy big, small and all sorts of varieties of chips and even dips! I loved that I was able to get some chips to enjoy in the hotel while the kids swam!

6. Electronics! Yes every convenience store I have been in recently has a section of chargers and batteries. No more searching for an electronics store or big box store to pick up the charger you forgot!

7. Bottled beverages galore! Since so many people buy an individual item at a convenience store to consume immediately or travel with, it is no surprise that the selection is amazing at convenience stores. I honestly saw more flavors of bottled beverage at our most recent stop that I didn’t even know existed!

Honestly, if you haven’t been in a convenience store lately you will be super surprised. Gone are the days of stale hot food and old coffee. Now the variety is almost overwhelming (but in a good way)! Convenience stores are definitely not what they used to be!

Every time we go on a road trip, we use our first rest stop as a way to treat our family. Everyone gets a certain amount to spend and can get whatever they want (within reason.) This is my secret trick to starting off a road trip on a happy note! Everyone gets whatever they want and it keeps everyone happy in the car – just remind your family to pace themselves with their snacks and beverages!

Curious about other’s summer road trips?

Check out the 2018 NACS Summer Drive Survey featuring – Summer Road Trips: New Study Provides Glimpse Inside Cars – What People Do, Eat and Argue About.

The 2018 NACS Summer Drive Survey offers a glimpse into the typical American’s car during a summer road trip – including what they eat, why they argue and how they spend time. The survey shows that the top three reasons people stop during summer drives are to use the bathroom (96%), get gas (95%), or buy food or drinks (91%).  Only one place offers the top 3 reasons for stopping during a road trip: a convenience store!

Have you stopped in a convenience store recently?

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  1. Thank You for these tips.

  2. Julie Waldron says

    This is a great list, we usually stop at a convenience store when we stop for gas on vacation. My husband is currently on a cross country trip and forgot his sunglasses, I actually told him to pick up a pair at the gas station.

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