Fun With Spikeball Anywhere and Everywhere

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Last year I was at a beach in Mexico with my husband and some friends and one of the guys pulled out a game to play on the beach. My husband and three friends played Spikeball for over an hour one day and but when we got home from vacation life happened and I forgot what it was called. Once the weather warmed up here I decided to search for the game and found…Spikeball. Yes if you are a Shark Tank fan, it is the same game shown on the show.

Spikeball is a game unlike any other I had ever since before. Now that we own Spikeball it has become a permenant fixture in my trunk as we take it everywhere!

Here are 5 reasons we love Spikeball:

1. Portable! The game folds up for storage and sets up in minutes! It even comes with a nice bag to store everything in. As I mentioned too, one of our friends had even traveled to Mexico with it in his suitcase!

2. Fun for all ages. My 30-something-year-old husband and his friends have played as have my 10-year old son and his friends. We have also played with our kids and it is fun every time! It is so easy to play that anyone really can play or just join in!

3. It is a combination of two fun games – volleyball and foursquare. You bump, set and spike just like volleyball but have 2-4 players standing around a circle net.

4. The game can be played indoors or out. Since the ball is rubber and small, it is easily played inside as long as you are careful. I have a feeling this will be in our basement over the wintertime.

5. There is an add-on to play Spikeball in the water! The Spikebuoy is an additional accessory that you attach to your Spikeball set to anchor the set in water. This is perfect for keeping cool in water while still playing it! We haven’t tried ours out yet in water shallow enough for my boys to reach but it is definitely on our list to bring with us on our next beach trip!

So next time you are looking for a new and fun outside (or inside) game, check out Spikeball! It is a game that will break you out of the same ole’ same ole’ outside games like cornhole or horseshoes!

Check out Spikeball on Amazon or the Spikeball website.

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  1. Trisha McKee says:

    This looks like so much fun! So much summer fun. I love that you can basically take it anywhere. It is so portable.

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