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With three kids, I am always looking for fun outdoor toys. I am also all about toys that are different than the same ole’ same ole’ ones we already have. SwimWays and their included brands have come out with some awesome summer fun toys and games that have kept my kids busy all summer so far!

Aqualiens™ Transforming Sea Creatures™

These silly little aliens are actually dive toys that kids can throw in a pool and watch them morph into sea creatures. They are bright and come in a variety of sharks or seahorses. My kids had a blast with these at the last hotel we stayed at, but of course we ended up leaving our aqualiens toy at the pool there. Definitely a fun toy for kids though who want something other than a regular dive stick or ring. Oh and no batteries are required!

Aerobie Pro Ring

This lightweight ring is perfect for throwing around wherever and whenever. Thanks to the open center it is easy for any hands to throw it and catch it. The flying disc was actually used to set a Guinness World Record for the farthest throw, an amazing 1,333 feet (406 meters)! My boys had a blast with this ring, so much so that they forgot how far it will fly and it ended up in a tree. Definitely remind your kids to steer clear of trees and water with this ring or they may lose it like mine did!

Eaten Alive Shark Pool Float™

This is probably my favorite new float as I love sharks. The float has been a hit all summer with my kids and is one we all fight over! You can sit in it comfortably or float around in it, all while looking like you are being eaten by a shark of course. there is even a cup holder for ultimate relaxation.

COOP Scatter Dodgeball™

This set takes dodgeball to the next level. Rather than just having one person the ball thrower and knocking everyone out, whoever is wearing the colored wristband that matches the dice color is the person who gets to throw the ball. Whoever gets hit then surrenders their wristband. I like that everyone gets a turn basically throwing the ball and has two lives since they will be wearing two wristbands to give away one at a time when they get hit.

It is a game for 2 to six players and definitely more fun with more players. Oh and the dodge is even sting proof which helps!

So next time your kids are complaining on how bored they are or you just want some different for your family to play with, SwimWays has tons of great products to check out!

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  1. Love the Aqualiens Transforming Sea Creatures. So cute!

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