How To Keep Your Kids Safe When Playing RC Cars?

Operating remote controlled cars is a common way of spending leisure especially for kids. If you are considering buying a remote controlled car either for you or your kid, you should start by understanding the different types of cars available. The type of RC you will choose can be determined by some factors such as your budget, the place where you will be operating it from, your preference and the types of cars available. Buggies, stadium trucks, monster trucks, crawlers, rock racers, drift cars and short course trucks are the most common RC cars. When buying remote control cars for kids, safety should be a priority. The first thing you should know is that operating a remote-controlled car requires knowledge and understanding of safety issues and concerns. Therefore, after buying an RC car for your kid, you should emphasize about safety to avoid injuries and accidents.

Teaching your kids about safety is not as fun as operating the RC car and most likely they will not pay much attention. However, learning a few safety tips, remembering them and putting them into practice might save you a lot of money, worrying and stress. In addition, if your kids follow the safety precautions, they will prolong the lifespan of the RC car saving you money in the long run.

Here are some tips on how you can keep your kids safe when playing with remote controlled cars:

1. The Location Should be Secure

The location where your kids choose to operate their remote control cars can determine the level of their safety. It is advisable for kids to operate their cars in wide-open places such as vacant parking lots and basketball courts. These areas are ideal because they will provide enough room to operate the RC, there are fewer people and they lack full-size vehicles. Imagine your kid operating an RC car in a crowded place where there is a lot of pedestrian traffic. You will not only risk a potential lawsuit but also financial losses due to possible personal injury. An area which has a high pedestrian traffic, it is not easy to know when someone is crossing or walking in a certain direction. In case that person trips because he/she crossed paths with the RC car, you will be held responsible for the consequences.

Lack of predictability is one of the reasons why your kids should not operate their remote control cars among SUVs and automobiles on the road. The car might be run over and get crushed by automobiles or people crossing the road. Alternatively, your kid might try to cross the road while operating the car and get hit by a moving vehicle. This might be catastrophic depending on the speed of the moving car, the type of the moving car etc. Therefore, where your kid operates his/her remote control car is essential for safety precautions.

2. Take Caution Because the Fuel used is Flammable

Most RC cars are run on fuel which might differ depending on the type of car you’ve bought. However, nitromethane and nitro-fuel are common fuels used by these cars. Since these fuels are highly flammable, you should take safety precautions as a parent. For instance, you should take the initiative to refuel the car yourself instead of your kid. By doing this, you will make sure that you’ve cleaned all the spills and throw away the nitro-saturated rags. Remember to warn your kids that they should not try igniting the fuel, expose the RC car to open flames or operate it in an area where people are smoking.

Finally, it is important to consider the safety of the operator rather than the safety of the car. Therefore, you should teach your kids how they should be responsible and cautious when operating their remote controlled cars. Remember to read the manual after buying the car to get directions on how you should handle, maintain and operate the remote-controlled car.

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