10 Great Tips How to Write an Amazing Story About Travel

Magic secrets for creating a wonderful paper about your trip!

If you are reading this article, it means you are very familiar with that feeling when you just came back from the most exciting trip of your life and now you want to tell your readers about it! It’s great if you have got a solid experience in writing, but what to do if you only remember some rules how to write a rhetorical analysis essay? We guess it’s not very helpful when you need to write about your travel and describe all interesting things as well as express all your emotions.

In this guide, you will find effective hints to create an interesting and bright content for your story. Maybe this will even inspire you to write a book with many stories about various travels you have made already? Continue to read and get our useful tips for your amazing story!

10 Hints to make an interesting story about your trip:

Here are our ten tips for making a great paper to impress your future readers:

  1. Create a clear plan of your future story. Of course, you don’t have to describe every minute of your travel. You need to think and choose only the most exciting and interesting moments, for example, how you were impressed by the view from a mountain or how the look of wild animals from the close view made you shudder. Needless to say, you need to omit such moments like your plane has landed in the airport 20 minutes later. In other words, you need to have a clear idea what to write about.
  2. You must have a clear goal for your trip. When you are traveling, you may have various goals. For example, you may travel to mountains to reach the top, or you may just travel somewhere to discover a place and a culture. That’s why it’s important to inform your readers about the goal of your travel. People will understand you much better if they will know where and why you are taking them with your story.
  3. Think about the genre of your future story. You may write it as something funny, or make it as a drama with a very unexpected plot. Remember that any story may contain various dialogues, characters, and a plot. It’s important to organize your story correctly to turn the readers’ attention. Follow your story line and never let other things distract you from your outline.
  4. Make a wonderful introduction. You have only the one chance to grab the audience’s attention, and this is your first paragraph. It’s possible to use various methods to create a bright first paragraph: you can put a quote, or a question, or write an anecdote. Remember that the beginning of your story must attract your readers’ attention.
  5. Include dialogues into your story. Of course, if you describe a bright view from the top of the mountain, you need to make a detailed and interesting description. But apart from this, you need to include dialogues into your story. This will help you to make it “live” and real. That’s why it’s important to remember words that people said during your trip.
  6. Use “show” and “tell” techniques to describe any scene of your travel in details. Showing is when you are just describing a particular moment of your trip in detail and write about what you felt, saw, heard, and tasted. Telling is when you are simply moving your story along, for example: “We came back to the hotel for the rest filled with great impressions after the exciting excursion”. Remember that if you want to create a bright story, you need to use both these techniques.
  7. Try to entertain your readers, not to impress. Some beginner writers want to impress their readers, and they try to use various techniques to make their paper more interesting. But sometimes it’s just important to describe in simple words everything you see and feel. This is the best way to attract people to read your paper. Needless to say, you have to follow all grammar rules and proofread your finished paper thoroughly to avoid mistakes.
  8. Vivid language may be helpful. When you are writing a description of a current moment or situation, try to make an interesting description. Of course, there is no need to overload your story with vivid language, but try to use specific language to paint your own picture for your readers.
  9. Don’t forget about signposts in your story. It’s not a secret that when you are traveling the unknown country, you are looking for signposts. You need to provide your readers with signposts in your story, so they won’t get lost. Remind them about your current destination and inform them when you are moving to the new place, city, street, or country. This will help readers to “follow your steps” during reading as well as imagine and see the story by their own eyes.
  10. Take your time and finish your story properly. There are a lot of stories about travels that finish without a proper end, leaving readers a bit confused. Don’t forget to make a good conclusion for your paper: try to sum up everything you wrote before, and also tell several words about the improved experience. In the end, you may also suggest to the readers to make the same trip!

We hope these simple but effective tips will be helpful in writing your exciting story about the trip. Follow our ten hints and create a successful paper to attract people attention! Try to write as much as you can, this will help to improve your skills and also enrich your language with new words.

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