10 Reasons to Go See Blue Man Group (& One Reason Not to)

I received tickets in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

I can’t remember how long I first saw Blue Man Group but it was many years ago. Now I am not an artsy person nor do I usually like theater performances but this show blew me away. Since then I have seen the show a bunch more times, at a few different theaters around the nation, and every time I am just as excited as the first time. The show is definitely something that you have to see to understand and I can’t imagine anyone not liking the show.

So what is Blue Man Group?

The show stars three blue men who do not speak but rather communicate with gestures and music. They are simple people (think cavemen) who basically learn and experience new things such as technology. Seeing the work a phone or try to comprehend why paint is flying all over, is pretty awesome. Sorry, that is the best I can do without giving the show totally away!

Here are 10 Reasons to Go See Blue Man Group (& One Reason Not to):

1. The show is for all ages, well almost as no children under 3 are allowed. My kids range from 7 to 11 years old and all three were amazed and already asked when we can go back! The show is loud (which is probably why kids under 3 are not allowed) so I recommend bringing earplugs if you or your children have sensitive ears.

2. There is a section where you are given a poncho to wear. I have sat here before and it was definitely an experience! Don’t worry though it’s not too crazy but yes the poncho section is no joke!

3. While the show is only about 90 minutes long, you will be mesmerized for the whole show. There is no intermission either, those blue guys and the band just keep on performing.

4. There is no crazy storyline to follow. The Blue Man Group don’t actually talk but rather perform basically skits. I have seen theater performances where you felt lost and didn’t know what was going on, this show is easy to follow along. Who says you need words to put on a great performance?

5. It is an art and music experience like none other and helps foster a love of the arts! My boys are all about sports and honestly, they complained when I told them we were going to a live show. Well, Blue Man Group definitely rocked their worlds and as I mentioned, they already asked when we could go see the show again. I will say too that the show is pretty much the same as its always been, but still exciting each time I have seen it.

6. Seeing Blue Man Group makes for a great date or family night out. I honestly think the best time I have ever seen the show was when I brought my kids because seeing their smiles and faces light up during the show was priceless to me. We made it a great family night out and dined out at a nearby restaurant – such a treat too for my kids to have dinner in Chicago before our show at Briar Street Theatre!

7. You (and/or your kids) may actually learn something! There were a few skits with some educational aspects that were pretty interesting to hear about – don’t expect to be bored either!

8. The show is interactive! Depending on where you sit (obviously closer is better but the stage is big so don’t worry that you are missing the stage if you are not close) most of the audience is included in participating in the show and a few might even be chosen for the show. My 10-year-old was chosen for a skit and still talks about how cool it was!

9. The skits are memorable and you will want to act them out or just remember them at home. I still act out one scene for example and it has yet to get old with my husband!

10. 35 million people and counting of all ages, languages and cultures have seen the show so you know it is worth checking out. I mean that many people cannot be wrong! The show is definitely hard to explain but trust me when I say it is a one of a kind experience!

One reason not to see Blue Man Group

Since the show is all about music and fun performances, do not go if you don’t like to smile. Like if you are someone who likes to be grumpy or complain, don’t go to the show because you will be mad that your body will betray you by dancing and smiling!

Would I go see Blue Man Group again?

Yes! I hope to go at least once a year with my family as we had such a great time. The energy and excitement during the show is so amazing to experience. I recommend too making a night of the show and check out a restaurant nearby. If you are heading to the Chicago show at Briar Street Theatre, I recommend parking in the small parking lot next door (but arrive early to ensure a spot since its limited) for the $15 as it makes it much easier than trying to find parking or worrying about a parking meter.

Check out Blue Man Group

Discover Blue Man Group in Las Vegas, New York, Boston, Chicago, Orlando and Around the World: https://www.blueman.com

Photos above of the inside performances courtesy of Blue Man Group as photos are not allowed inside the theatre.

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  1. Christina moore says

    Thank you for the tips, I think I might like to see this group

  2. susan hartman says

    My husband & I brought my 16 yr old daughter and her friend to see this. We all loved it. I don’t think younger children would get all the humor but they would still have a blast.

  3. Shannon Flannery says

    Thanks for this article! I’ve always wondered what the show was all about. Now I definitely want to go & take my 3 kids!

  4. Thank You for this informative post.

  5. That would be so much fun

  6. How cool that your son was chosen for a skit! I’ve never seen Blue Man Group but would love to someday. Looks like a fun experience.

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