Things to Look for When Choosing Baby Diapers

First-time parents are faced with making major decisions for their newborns. There are smaller decisions
as to what color is going to be the nursery and then the bigger ones, such as whether to breastfeed your
baby or go with the formula milk. One of such daunting tasks includes choosing the right type and brand
of diaper for your newborn. It is going to be a cycle of trial and error unless you finally figure out what
suits your baby’s needs.

New parents may think that buying the right diaper is as easy as going to the store and get one. But that
is not it. There is a number of factors that contribute to buying the right pair of diapers. What primarily
needs to be considered is the baby’s comfort, support, and safety before buying anything. We are going
to cover some important aspects that parents must know so they can make an educated decision.

The Price

While comfort and safety are important, the cost is one of the major factors to consider before settling
on one brand. Babies can use up to as many as 2,700 diapers per year which are estimated to have their
parents costed $500 every year. That’s actually an ample amount for one baby! The cost will even be
higher if parents opt for a high-end brand. Cloth diapers are pricier upfront, but the only costs that
follow after purchasing are that of laundering or buying cloth diaper liners. In any case, it’s essential that
parents budget their money for diapers wisely. Determining your kids potty habits will help you know how many diapers do you need a month and the amount of money you need to spend on it?


This is actually the customization of a diaper as per the babys and your needs. If the baby urinates
heavily at one time or likes to pull the diaper a lot, then you need to invest in a pretty durable one. If
you’re a busy parent who cannot take out time to wash cloth diapers, then the disposable ones are your
best friend. Times when you are tired and cannot afford to get up at nights, your eventual resort is to
buy overnight diapers. Its all about trial & error and knowing that what worked for your friend may not work for you and vice versa. Once you have the basics down, you’ll be better enabled to make an informed decision.


Size is attributed to your baby’s comfort and safety. Don’t size up your baby’s diaper when it’s not
needed. As your baby grows, you’ll eventually have to turn to a bigger size which translates into you
paying more for a package and getting lesser pieces. However, this does not mean waiting too long to up
the diaper’s size that your baby starts feeling uncomfortable and becomes vulnerable to issues like rashes, leaks, and other unwanted potty accidents.


When adults can’t walk in a pair of ill-fitted, itchy underwear, why should a baby go through it? Babies
have sensitive skin and react differently to the diapers they are made to wear. Disposable diapers having chlorine and scents may be responsible for vulnerable reactions by your baby such as allergies, rashes,
and quite a bit of tear. If this may be the case, it’s time to switch to another brand or a cloth diaper.

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