Saving Money on Puzzles and More

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Did you know that August hosts a whole day dedicated to saving money? National Thrift Shop Day is August 17th!

I have shopped at thrift stores since I got my first job and realized just how expensive the real world is! I mean sure there are times when I pay $30+ for one shirt or dress but then when I look around at Savers, I always find multiple pieces of clothing that add up to that same price!

Having a family of five means I spend a lot on clothes, housewares and entertainment activities. Shopping at Savers means I can get a lot more for a lot less, many items too I wouldn’t have otherwise bought.

So I confession to make…I am in love with my Savers store. I shop there faithfully every Monday (Monday’s are 50% off most of the store items) and I am always amazed at what I find and what I pay for the items! It has gotten to the point that every Monday afternoon, my mom calls to get the low down on what I bought during my Savers shopping trip!

Lately, I have been all about collecting brand new puzzles! Yes, regular puzzles, which if you have looked at them in the store lately they run at $20+ for just one puzzle! My mom opened one up a few months ago and my family had a great time putting it together every weekend. I honestly though struggle to justify paying that much for a puzzle that we will put together and then probably donate. Putting together that puzzle though got my whole family off electronics and around the table. We were all determined and worked together!

I honestly cannot tell you how many puzzles I have stocked up on since then but on my recent trip, I bought 5 brand new puzzles!

Since I couldn’t just stop off at the games and puzzles section, I found some more great deals. Like a Chicago Blackhawks jersey for less than $10! I would have bought it too if we didn’t already have a bunch that yes I bought at Savers previously.

So in addition to the 5 puzzles, I also got a pair of Lularoe leggings for my daughter (normally retail for $23 each) and three shirts for myself! Can you guess my grand total? $18 whole dollars!

Yes, all of this was only $18!

Check out Savers for yourself

Curious about Savers? Check out my post: 6 Reasons I Love Shopping at Savers.

There are over 300 Savers stores throughout the U.S. and Canada. Check the Savers website for one in your area.

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