How is Technology Empowering Our Family Life?

Technology Connects Family; Not Disconnect…

We have heard a lot of the rumors that technology has affected the family lives in a lousy manner. But the fact is that technology is building the relationship between the family members like never before. The proof of this claim is our everyday lives. If we look around, many things have improved a lot especially concerned with the family. Now, the family is more connected than ever. Therefore, technology is rather than beneficial for our family life.

How Technology is Improving Family Life:

Technology is driving our family lives from every aspect; whether it’s about kids learning & education, communication, or an interactive platform for sharing the valuable moments of family.

Here we will discuss the ways through which technology is continuously helping us to keep a strong bond with the family:

1.    Connectivity Apps:

Technology has gifted us the connectivity apps like Skype, Whatsapp, Messenger, Viber, and FaceTime, etc. The significant change the apps have brought is the elimination of the distance barrier. These apps instantly connect everyone in the family regardless of their physical location. Video calling through the apps gives a feeling like all of them are talking jointly in a single room. Many of the apps are free of cost and some charge the users with a few bucks. So the family members can speak to each other without any financial burden.

2.    Smartphones Mean Family is everywhere:

Smartphones have revolutionized our way of life. Now, we cannot imagine a single day without the phones. Before the smartphones, family connectivity was limited to either PC or landline phones that are unsuitable for mobile use. But the smartphones has provided the facility to connect with the family anywhere we want. Hence, we are sure to say that smartphones mean the family is everywhere with us.

3.    Family Apps:

Technology is not merely about connecting with the family; it is playing its role to provide a better platform for learning and growth. Many apps have been designed primarily for the family. These apps focus on family learning, parenting, kids’ education, kids’ safety, and home management, etc.

Some of the top family apps are listed here which will give you a diverse aspect of the technology:

YouTube Kids:

A mini version of the YouTube designed for kids. The app contains videos according to the age group of the child. Flagged videos along with adult content are completely banned in this version. Kids can watch the videos that will help them in learning positive things. Moreover, parents are also given full control to use the app in their way.

LEGO Life:

This app urges the kids to show their creative skills. Kids can build their creations. They can also share it with family members through the sharing option in the app. The app provides the –perfect platform both for entertainment and creativity.


It is a family organizer app. Through the app, the family can manage everyone’s activities, schedules, grocery list, and food recipes, etc.

4.    Family Sharing Network:

The internet has also brought the family on a single page in the home. Private Home sharing networks connect everybody in the house and are used for data sharing. It is also used for multi-player gaming between the siblings. So that users have no fear of loss or damage to the important family pictures and files.

5.    Home TV for Family Entertainment:

TV has been the primary source of family entertainment since the 1960s. Now, cable providers have synchronized the TV with the internet and open new pathway of learning and entertainment for the family member. When it comes to family entertainment, cable TV packages are good enough to satisfy the customers. Like Charter Spectrum TV Packages offer 200+ HD channels which include ESPN, Nat Geo, History, Food Network, Nick, Cartoon Network, Animal Planet, etc. These channels motivate the kids to learn the positive aspects of life.

  •    If the parents are interested in getting the Spectrum Cable TV for the kids, contact My Cable Internet which is an official retailer of Charter. Cable Internet which is an official retailer of Charter.

6.   Parental Controls for Kids’ Safe Learning:

Technology is limitless. To regulate it according to the norms of family and society, we have parental controls for the internet using devices. Many devices like TV and laptops have Parental Controls which allows the parents to keep full control over the content being accessed by their kids. Through the parental control feature, parents can block or allow any website that they find inappropriate or useful for their kids respectively. All parents or guardians have to do is to set a 4 digit pin code wherever the feel like and the parental control feature begin working.

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