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It is said that kids are like sponges and they are constantly craving creative fun. As a mom of three in today’s world, I often turn to technology to engage my kids. It is amazing how far technology has come since I was a child and how much you can really do with it.

Playing Forward is a company that designs apps that are specially designed to support kids’ social-emotional development through storytelling and movie-quality visual effects. The company actually got its name because it is “playing it forward” by giving every child the very best shot at a happy kidhood and a successful adulthood after that. To go a step further to engage today’s kids, Augmented Reality is also available in the apps.

One of Playing Forward’s newest apps is a character-driven app based on the book series “It’s Just So…” called Lizzy’s World. The Lizzy’s World app features a STEAM-powered character using science, technology, engineering, art and math! Everything is packed in a story that can be read, listened to and explored. We had never heard of the book series before but it wasn’t a problem.

So what do you do in Lizzy’s World app?

Lizzy’s World starts with her in her room waking up and getting ready for school. It tells a story by showing the words on the screen and reading them aloud all while kids to help Lizzy. Kids get to help her with her feelings as she is experiencing them.

The cool thing about the app is how kids can interact with everything. From personalizing to taping on butterflies to move to the next spot, kids will feel like they are Lizzy herself.

The Augmented Reality (AR) is the next step for interactive fun. Now I will say I couldn’t figure out how to get Lizzy to come to our house but my kids had no problem at all. It really is amazing how quickly kids can figure tech out!

Here is Lizzy on our stairs at our house!

My kids loved exploring Lizzy’s World and seeing her world come into our world thanks to AR. You don’t have to use the AR to appreciate the app it is just a bonus! The AR feature encourages kids to explore the real world while using technology.

How do you play Lizzy’s World?

First you need to download the app which is available for both Apple and Android products. It does have specific devices it works with but the app store will let you know if your device is compatible.

Once you open the app, you just need to start tapping around to explore. It literally takes a few taps and you will get the hang of how to do everything.

Turn the AR on or off, I recommend on for maximum fun.

To change pages, just swipe to the next scene. There will also be butterflies to tap and encourage kids to think where to go and what to do.

Tap things to make them bigger or move them along. Really it is an app that is more easily explored than just read about. There really are not instructions either so you are kinda on your own.

Is Lizzy’s World app worth it?

This is the first AR story we have tried and it is definitely something different. Physical books can be pretty expensive and then you have to lug them around so even though this app costs $3.99, it is not a bad price. While kids may finish the story, there is still fun bringing Lizzy to life wherever your child goes using AR. I usually prefer cheaper apps or better yet free ones but this one being as interactive and educational as it helps justify the $3.99 price tag.

Check out Lizzy’s World

Learn more about Lizzy’s World and discover how this hot tech app is engaging kids.

Win a STEAM-powered weekend of play and exploration in Manhattan!

To celebrate the Playing Forward’s first story-based apps for young children they are hosting an amazing contest to win a weekend of play and exploration in Manhattan!

A Grand Prize winner will receive air transportation, a two-night hotel stay, a Visa gift card to cover
meals, various museum tickets for a family of four. The winner will also include personalized experiences at two of Manhattan’s most unique museums – the Natural History Museum & the Children’s Museum of the Arts.

A runner-up winner will receive a 9.7-inch, 32GB Apple iPad with WiFi Connectivity.

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  1. Donna L Holder says

    lizzies world sounds really awesome

  2. Christina Gould says

    I’ve never heard of this character or book. Thanks for posting!

  3. This weekend sounds like a lot of fun, the price of the app is really reasonable too.

  4. Christina Gould says

    Boy, being a kid is a lot more fun these days then when I was a kid. We didn’t even have Nintendo then, lol. Thanks for posting!

  5. This looks and sounds like a great app. It’s quite insane to see the advancement of todays technology versus several years ago when I was that age. It’s so awesome to see all of the educational advancing technologies!

  6. It’s a bit pricey for an app, but it definitely sounds interesting and unique!

  7. Debra Branigan says

    Never thought about these concerns.

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