Background Checking the New Babysitter: Why It’s A Necessary Precaution

It’s nerve-racking to hire a babysitter and leave your baby with them for the very first time. One of the many concerns of parents is “did I hire the right person”. For all intents and purposes, that’s a pretty valid concern. A lot of good babysitters don’t interview well while a lot of bad ones know how to crack an interview. In an effort to get the job, candidates may even lie about their qualifications and work history. Worst of all, they might hide the fact that they have criminal records to avoid getting rejected.

Problem with a Selection Process That Doesn’t Involve Background Check

Here’s what a typical selection process for babysitters looks like:

  • Parents looking to hire help post job ads on social media and other job forums.
  • Candidates arrive at their doorstep with their detailed resume and they are interviewed one by one.
  • Now, based on their interview, candidates are shortlisted.
  • Most parents take a day or two to contact the references provided by the candidates before making the final decision.

Now, here’s the problem with this approach. In the entire selection process, you assume that the candidates are not lying about their qualifications. Calling up the references the candidates provide also does not help as they could just as easily be in cahoots with the candidate.

Background checking provides a simple yet effective way to verify the claims made by a candidate. Using a trusted service like Veromi, you can easily find a candidate’s contact information, educational qualification, and criminal history. Background checking is a critical part of the hiring process, especially if you plant to trust someone with your baby and your home.  

Things You Need to Check When Hiring a Babysitter

Now, that you know the importance of background checks, it’s time you are aware of what details you need to check. Whether you decide to hire a background checking firm or do it yourself using an online service like Veromi, you should know that there are specific laws on background checking. For example, in most states, it’s illegal to perform background checks without getting a formal written consent from the candidate. These consent forms are pretty straightforward and they can be downloaded for free and printed. Following are a few relevant details you need to check when hiring a babysitter or a nanny.

Criminal Background Check: This is a basic check that involves searching government databases for a person’s criminal records. This check reveals if the person was ever charged with a crime and the nature of the crime. It also states if the person was convicted for the crime or not.

National Sex Offender Registry: This is a specific database for convicted sex offenders. This, of course, is a necessary check when hiring a babysitter or nanny. Keep in mind that not all background checking services online searches this database.

Child Abuse Registry: This is a statewise database that’s maintained by the Department of Justice and Human Services.  The database contains the records of people convicted for child abuse and neglect. This is a really relevant check when selecting a babysitter.

Contact Details and Qualification: Many candidates lie about their work history and their qualifications. A general background check by Veromi reveals these details and it allows you to quickly verify the claims made in an interview.

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  1. Absolute must for anyone that is looking for a sitter. Having a service that checks a persons background is very helpful.

  2. Christina Gould says

    I can’t imagine hiring a sitter without checking her background. This is great info. Thanks for posting!

  3. This is good information, and I do agree. I didn’t know there is a child abuse registry, nor have I ever heard of Veromi before.

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