5 Tips to Help Prevent Clothes Dryers from Causing Fires

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Household fires can be caused by several things, even clothes dryers. When lint builds up, it blocks air from going through the dryer vent. When the heat starts to build up in the dryer, it could ignite a fire especially with the dry lint nearby. To keep this from happening, here are helpful tips from the US Consumer Product Safety Commission (CPSC) that you should do at home:

Clean the Lint Filter After Every Use

A build-up in any part of the dryer could lead to overheating so it is best to clear any lint immediately after each use. One indication that there is a build-up of lint is that the clothing that went through a cycle still feels damp than usual.

Make Sure You Have a Clean Dryer Vent or Exhaust Duct

Make it a regular habit to check the dryer vent or exhaust duct. Check to see if the air is able to flow out or if the air seems warm or humid. In case the air is not flowing properly, stop the unit, unplug to prevent shock, and disconnect the exhaust duct from the dryer. Check inside for any lint build-up that may be blocking the passageway. If you need help with this, there are dryer vent cleaning specialists who can help you out.

Check Behind the Dryer

Aside from cleaning inside the dryer, it is also important to clean behind it where it meets the wall. Mold can grow on the wall behind it if the air is stuck inside the dryer. For a more thorough cleaning, hire a dryer vent cleaning expert. It may be an extra expense but it will help prevent a fire from occurring in your home.

Opt for a Metal Duct

Most washers and dryers come with a plastic or foil duct material. The accordion-type design of such ducts makes it more likely for lint to get stuck or to build-up. Also, this material is too soft and flexible that it kinks easily, thus, reducing air flow. Instead, use a corrugated metal duct to enhance air flow.

Wash Clothes with Volatile Materials Thoroughly

If any of your clothing has been spoiled by volatile materials, such as gasoline, finishing oil, and more. Wash it thoroughly so that there would be none left in the fabric when it goes through the dryer. Make sure to use the lowest setting in the dryer to keep any volatile material left from igniting.

With proper use and care, a clothes dryer or washer can be less of a fire hazard than others think it might be. These tips may require a bit of extra effort on your end but the mere fact that you will be kept safe from any tragedy will be worth it all.

The CPSC is an agency tasked to ensure that the public is protected from any risk of injury or death that could be caused by consumer products.

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  1. vickie Couturier says

    I wasnt aware of any of these,,thank you for sharing ,ill be more careful now

  2. Thanks for the great tips they are definitely something we all need to do

  3. People often forget to clean the duct after years, I agree, best way to prevent it is to keep the vent clear of lint

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