Classic Monsters FREE Printable Coloring Pages


Do you know of kids looking for something fun to do this Halloween season? Costume SuperCenter provides free and fun coloring pages to entertain kids of any age!

The free coloring pages are full of all the classic monsters that everyone grew up with, including Frankenstein, vampires, witches, skeletons, werewolves, and more. Check out the full blog post to see the best of the Classic Monster Coloring Pages they offer.

But they aren’t just limited to these classic monsters! Check out some of their other blog posts full of free coloring pages and other activities for children this Halloween, such as:

7 Sets of Free Printable Coloring Pages

4 Sets of Free Pumpkin Stencils

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  1. Angela Yang says

    These are so cool! My kids lives coloring so ill definitely be using these.

  2. Dorothy Boucher says

    Oh I like these, I wish I had seen these earlier when the grandkids stopped over. I’ll have to grab them for next Halloween though, Thanks.

  3. Nancy Burgess says

    Awesome my granddaughter will love these.

  4. Oh how cool! I’ll definitely be printing some of these out for myself… as soon as I get around to refilling the ink in my printer. Whoops. 😛

  5. These are great designs for Halloween!

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