6 Reasons to Use the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player

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I never thought I could live without cable television but when I started thinking about how much television my family actually watched, I was surprised. I feel like we stream most of our shows and movies and the few things we do watch on cable television, we could actually stream with a subscription. Why shouldn’t I save a few bucks and cut the cord to cable?

I started doing some research on different streaming devices and the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player kept coming up as an option.

Here are 6 reasons I found to use the Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player:

1. Most devices can stream right to your Chromecast device by just tapping the Cast button on your device. You can stream from your phone or tablet and while streaming you can even use your device as you normally would!

2. There are a ton of streaming apps including Netflix, YouTube, HBO NOW and more – you do need to have subscriptions to the services. There are tons to browse at g.co/chromecast/.

3. You can use your voice to search and watch if you have a Chromecast and Google Home device. You can say things like “Ok Google, play Stranger Things from Netflix on my living room TV.”

4. A Google Chromecast Streaming Media Player is so affordable that you may want to pick one up for every television in your house. At less than $40, it makes a great gift too!

5. It instantly upgrades your television without the cost of buying a new one. Any tv can now be a “smart” tv. You just need a wireless router and an HDMI port on your tv.

6. You can use whether you are an Apple or Android user!

Have you cut the cord for cable?

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  1. katherine hensley says

    been thinking of cutting cable this is good to know I never considered this device

  2. Seriously considering cutting the cord. Satellite tv is so expensive but I really LOVE my DVR.

  3. Paula Pennachio says

    Been wanting to try this out

  4. Paula Pennachio says

    I have been wanting to try this out

  5. Christina Gould says

    I have got to try this. I spend way too much on cable. Thanks for posting!

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