Getting Ready for the Hockey Season With a GRIT Hockey Bag

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Having two kids and a husband that play hockey, I can tell you it does matter what type of bag you have. It may seem silly but a good hockey bag is really important! We have been through many hockey bags and my son’s new bag by GRIT is by far our favorite so far. My son loves the organization spots inside and I love the quality and wheels.

With my son being a goalie, he needs a bag to stand up to his almost daily. While GRIT has a variety of hockey bags to choose from, I couldn’t pass up the GRIT GT4 SUMO Goalie Bag.

What makes the GRIT GT4 SUMO bag so awesome?

There are shelves, mesh pockets and straps to keep everything organized. It is amazing how organized my son keeps his hockey bag now compared to anything else in his life! The inside makes it so easy to keep everything where it needs to be and even see if you are missing anything! The mesh pockets are nice too because you can see inside them and everything breathes nicely.

There is a stick strap and BladePort. No more leaning the hockey stick against the wall or in the corner, now the stick can stay put while your player is getting ready!

Foot carpet…yes this hockey bag has a foot carpet and my son does use it! My son uses this so he isn’t standing on the dirty locker room floor and so his skates are protected.

Goalie pad hooks and bungee strap means no more carrying pads over your shoulder while also carrying a stick, water bottle and dragging a bag. My son was so excited to see that his pads hook nicely on this bag and they stay put even when I put the bag in my car trunk!

Flow-through ventilation means this bag will breathe! I admit we don’t air out the hockey bags in like we should so I love that I can trust that this bag will at least get some air venting thanks to this.

Removeable wet/dry mesh bag is perfect for anything that needs to be washed or definitely taken out of the bag. My son doesn’t use this as much as he should but I see him using it once his scheduled picks up!

This bag fits everything and then some! Goalie equipment is big and there is a lot, this bag has room for everything. It is super lightweight but still durable thanks to its Torsion Technology frame. I was worried when I opened it up since its so light but after a month with it, it still looks new. I will say though once this bag is full, it does take some muscle to get it into the car but its worth it!

You can buy replacement accessories if needed. Let’s say the wheels, straps or something else breaks – well now you don’t have to buy a whole new bag as GRIT sells replacement pieces!

Honestly, this is our first GRIT bag, we’ve had other brand’s bags in the past, and we love it. I feel like it will last my son a few seasons and we will be buying GRIT bags for the other hockey players in our household. We have had bags that didn’t even last the whole season and with hockey costing enough as it is, I would rather not have to replace a bag mid-season!

Here is a video of my son reviewing his new GRIT hockey bag:

Get your GRIT bag

Whether you need a hockey goalie bag or other bag, GRIT has you covered. They carry a variety of bags for hockey, figure skating, dance and baseball. If you have a hockey goalie though, I highly recommend the GRIT GT4 SUMO.

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  1. Christina Gould says

    Wow, that is one serious bag. It looks very sturdy. Thanks for posting!

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