The Spooky Luigi’s Mansion Has Arrived for Nintendo 3DS #LuigisMansion #3DS

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I have always been a Mario and Luigi fan but as I got older, I had less time for video games. By the time Nintendo GameCube came out, I was in college and video games were low on my priority list. I remember though going home for a visit and being jealous of my brothers playing a new game on their GameCube called Luigi’s Mansion. I never owned a GameCube and unfortunately never got to play the game.

Last year we were at an arcade and they had a Luigi’s Mansion machine to play. My kids were hooked and spent well over an hour playing in the machine. It also reminded me about the game but I again didn’t get a chance to play the game.

Well now 17 years after the game first came out, it is now available on the Nintendo 3DS! So whether you were a fan back then or a new fan, Luigi’s Mansion can now be played on a new portable system.

What are the changes for the re-released Luigi’s Mansion?

Obviously better and crisper graphics. The characters and mansion have so much detail!

Add more fun with Amiibo figures. You don’t need to add amiibo figures to enjoy the game but it is neat if you do want to use them. The figures will add health or help find escaped Boos.

For the first time, two-player mode has been added to Luigi’s Mansion. If you and another player each own the game, you can team up and take on the ghosts together.

If only one player owns the game, a friend with a Nintendo 3DS can try out co-op mode in Ghost Training or Portrait Battles.

I am so excited to play this game and start catching ghosts with my boys. I love that it is the same game from 2001 with just a few added improvements, rather than a whole new game. While I do love the new games of today, there is something about a classic game starring a classic character that I love. Luigi’s Mansion is one that requires strategy but not too much that its not fun to unwind to.

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  1. Dana Rodriguez says

    How fun! This is a great gift idea!

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