The Easiest & Yet Amazing Gingerbread House Kit

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Gingerbread houses are always something that look so amazing but as soon as we start building one, it never comes out exactly as we expected. Every year my kids beg for one and we have tried everything from various kits to starting from scratch. The end result is always something that is a barely standing candy mountain.

Bee International has come out with the most genius gingerbread house kits ever. Seriously ever! We had an amazing gingerbread house in no time and everything was included. No mess left behind other than some garbage after you are done!

Bee International’s entire 2018 Gingerbread House Kit line features:

The new patented Link & Lock design eliminates time and stress as the panels lock together nicely for a sturdy design. No more hoping the frosting will host the walls up! We have had so many frosting disasters and waste plus walls that we hope the wind won’t blow over.

Everything is included! Gingerbread House panels, assorted candy and pre-mixed icing. You don’t even need to add water!

There are various kits available to choose from including traditional candies including popular brands such as NERDS, SweetTARTS, Runts and Bottlecaps; Tootsie Roll and even kits featuring characters from Nickelodeon and Spin Master Entertainment’s hit animated preschool series PAW Patrol.

Bee International kits are available at retail stores across the country, including grocery, drug, specialty, mass, discount, and home improvement stores so they are easy to pick up wherever you are.

The kits are super adorable that it won’t even break the bake to buy one kit for each of your kids. The suggested retail price is $9.99 to $12.99 per kit which is nothing compared to the time and sanity it saves your family!

I honestly cannot say enough good things about this kit from Bee International. I fully expected hours of time spent to gingerbread house preparation and building and my 7-year-old daughter had it done in no time and all on her own! She was so proud of her creation and that she was able to do it herself. We have a great masterpiece now on our dining room table displayed for the holiday season. I can’t even think of anything I’d change for this kit as they seem to have thought of everything.

Gingerbread House kits to check out

See what Gingerbread House Kits are available from Bee International.

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  1. Leah Shumack says

    We love creating a gingerbread house every year! I think we eat just as many decorations that end up on the house!

  2. Karen Propes says

    Yes, my daughter and I used to make them all the time. I want to win this for my Granddaughter so she can learn.

  3. Trisha Musgrave says

    We have not made a ginger bread house yet, but it’s something that I wanted to try!

  4. Hesper Fry says

    My kids and I haven’t tried making a gingerbread house yet, but are up for the challenge!

  5. We have never made one before.

  6. Mary Gardner says

    We have made gingerbread house several times but not every year. And it has always been with a kit, I don’t think I could do it from scratch.

  7. We don’t make them every year. We do every so often though!

  8. I use to make them years ago and now that I have a granddaughter I would like to start making them again.

  9. laura feist says

    no we dont

  10. Yes we do–the grandchildren love to do them!

  11. Cindy Peterson says

    We have not made gingerbread houses but perhaps this should be the year to begin.

  12. We’ve only made a gingerbread house once, but my kids loved it.

  13. Virginia H says

    I have never tried making a gingerbread house with my kids. We will have to try it out. Thanks for the awesome blog post.

  14. Antoinette M says

    Yes, we enjoy making a gingerbread house every year. Great fun!

  15. Danalee Davis says

    We don’t make one every year, but we do sometimes. We have a lot of fun when we do.

  16. susan hartman says

    I haven’t made a house for a while. I bought candy for one 2 yrs ago and I planned on using it this year!

  17. Jennifer Reed says

    We do make a gingerbread house or gingerbread men each Christmas. This Bee International Gingerbread House kit looks like it would be fun to do.

  18. KENDA ELLIOTT says

    Love making a gingerbread bread house each year with my girls!

  19. As long as my kids love it we “build” a gingerbread house every year

  20. katherine klein says

    My boys enjoy making one every single year.

  21. Austin Baroudi says

    We always make a gingerbread house, along with the traditional cookies for Santa! Thanks so much for the chance!

  22. No, it would be fun to give it a try.

  23. We used to love making Gingerbread houses every year! This would be so much fun to do again this year!

  24. shelly peterson says

    I have only one made one once before but would love to make one again.

  25. We have made gingerbread houses in the past but haven’t made any for a few years.

  26. I’ve never made a gingerbread house and would love to make one this year!

  27. We do not.

  28. Yes we do make a gingerbread house every year.

  29. vickie L Couturier says

    yes i make one for each of my grandkids they love doing it

  30. We’ve never made gingerbread houses before, but it does look like a fun holiday tradition. Thank you for the chance to win.

  31. Darlene Carbajal says

    It’s been a while since I made one.

  32. We have not made a Gingerbread House before, but really want to!

  33. Jillian Too says

    We always decorate gingerbread houses on Christmas Eve.

  34. We don’t do it every year but we did last year with my granddaughter

  35. Tracie Brown says

    Sadly, we do not. It falls into that category of unnecessary spending for us, but we would love to do one.

  36. We used to make a gingerbread house every year, then the kids grew up and moved away so it was usually hit or miss as to whether I would make one or not. Just recently my granddaughter moved back to our state so now that we see her more we will be making gingerbread houses again every year.

  37. We don’t make a ginger bread house every year but we have made them in the past. It is a fun thing to do with the kids.

  38. We made one last year and plan on doing it again with our daughter this year.

  39. We make one usually but due to financial reasons we can’t anymore nor even celebrate Christmas as we used to. But man oh man we had such fun, even if we created a big mess, haha.

  40. We do make gingerbread houses every year! This one would be much easier for the younger kids!

  41. Nancy Burgess says

    My granddaughter made hers yesterday.

  42. Devon Pickford says

    Not for a long time but I’d like to restart the tradition!

  43. I’ve actually never made a gingerbread house before, this looks like a good way to try one.

  44. We try to do one every year but our kit arrived broken this year so we had to send it back. This prize would keep the tradition going. Thanks!!

  45. I do make a gingerbread house with my grandkids every year.

  46. Angelica Dimeo says

    No my kids have never made one before.

  47. Dana Rodriguez says

    We have never tried making one. This is so cute!

  48. Gina Ferrell says

    Yes of course! We always make a gingerbread house each year.

  49. My daughter loving making her gingerbread house

  50. Robin Abrams says

    We have not made a ginger bread house yet. This sounds like a great tradition to start with my grand kids

  51. Virginia Rowell says

    I have actually never made one but it is a great tradition to start!

  52. Amanda Ripsam says

    My daughter loves making ginger bread houses. she would have so much fun and be so excited if I won and it showed up in the mail

  53. Jean Holland says

    I’ve always wanted to make a gingerbread house, but never have. Would like to give it a try.

  54. We have a tradition of making sugar cookies that our kids decorate, but we have never even considered a gingerbread house. With this coming in a kit the way it does, it couldn’t be more simple.

  55. We did one of these once a couple years ago

  56. My youngest brother and I use to make these ginger bread houses all the time when we were younger. They were a lot of fun putting them together for the Christmas holiday.

  57. We occasionally make a gingerbread house for the holidays.

  58. We have done gingerbread houses for a couple of years…we’d like to continue the tradition.

  59. Stephanie Grant says

    We build some sort of gingerbread house every year. This year we have been throwing around the idea of building Hogwarts since we are doing a Harry Potter themed Christmas.

  60. vera wilson says

    Tried a couple times, but not very good at it.

  61. Linda Woodfin says

    Yes, we make them every year. Love the new link & lock design. Will be so much easier.

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