Hallmark Channel’s premiere of “A Shoe Addict’s Christmas” this Sunday, Nov 25th at 8pm/7c! #CountdowntoChristmas

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When I look back to when my kids were little, November and December seems like a blur. I remember rushing around for the perfect gifts, hiding and wrapping them and just trying to keep the magic of Christmas alive. Now that my kids are getting older I have realized it is more important to “be present” and to slow down. It is crazy how fast they are growing and I know I will miss this time we have when they are out on their own.

From baking cookies to driving around to look at Christmas lights like I did when I was little, I want to slow down this year and enjoy my family. One thing too that is a must for me is watching new and old holiday movies. I feel like there are so many good ones on but I get sidetracked and we miss them.

I will admit too now that my daughter is getting older, I am getting more and more excited to have a Hallmark Channel holiday movie marathon with her. From the wholesome characters to cute storylines, Hallmark Channel has a lineup of movies sure to get you in the holiday spirit and enjoy it with your family.

This Sunday (November 25th) the movie “A Shoe Addict’s Christmas” is airing at 8pm/7c as part of the 9 Night Thanksgiving Movie Event programming.

Stars: Candace Cameron BureLuke Macfarlane and Jean Smart

As Christmas approaches, Noelle (Bure) is at a crossroads in her life when it seems that love, a connection with her father, and her dream career are out of reach. When she stays late at her job in a department store on a snowy Christmas Eve, she accidentally gets locked in after closing. She isn’t too concerned about the prospect of spending the night in the store… until a quirky woman appears out of nowhere in the shoe department and tells Noelle that she’s her guardian angel.

Soon, Noelle finds herself revisiting Christmases past, present, and future as she must work with her new neighbor, a handsome, Christmas-loving firefighter, to plan the annual Christmas Charity Gala. Will visiting the holidays of yesterday and tomorrow help Noelle take new chances and discover the true spirit of Christmas? And in realizing that the only thing standing in her way of leading a fulfilling life is herself, will the love she has longed for all her life be the best surprise gift of all?

Don’t miss tuning in this Sunday (November 25th) for the movie “A Shoe Addict’s Christmas” at 8pm/7c.

Did you miss watching the Hallmark movie or the ones before?

Check out the Hallmark Channel website to find more information on Hallmark Channel’s Countdown to Christmas. Holidays movies are premiering 24/7 and there are 22 All New Original Movie Premieres!

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  1. Susan Marina Brown Lane says

    To me – Christmas means Jesus’ Birthday and all of the families together to read the Bible about his birth and to have dinners and small gift swaps!

  2. The holidays mean spending time with my family.

  3. Jonathan Flores says

    to me it means time with family and making memories.

  4. The holidays mean spending more time with my kids. I love it!

  5. Antoinette M says

    It means time with family!

  6. Evelyn Frierson says

    Holidays means making memories with family.

  7. Evelyn Frierson says

    Great holiday giveaway!

  8. The holidays are about giving and appreciating family and friends.

  9. The holidays are when family and friends get together and celebrate

  10. The holiday is a way to come together, to remind us that we are family

  11. Jamie Martin says

    Holidays mean being close to my family to me. I really miss them.

  12. Pauline Milner says

    I absolutely love Christmas Eve. I look forward to it all year and start planning several weeks in advance. By 4 PM, our home is filled with family and friends. We enjoy a delicious fondue, treats for dessert and a special punch (with the bottle of Vodka beside the punch bowl, for adding if they like!) We play games such as charades and our version is called ‘cut throat’ where every person is for themselves – no teams! We also have a Yankee swap which can get very animated. We make so many incredible memories. I have had a challenging year with my health so this year is more important than prior years. The only wish I have, which is not possible, is for our son to visit from Melbourne, Australia where he lives and works as a chef. He does get six days off, but hardly enough time to travel here. It will be our third Christmas without him and I sure hope to visit sometime in the near future. Thanks for the super giveaway opportunity and Merry Christmas to you and your family.

  13. rana durham says

    holidays means memories pf family friends that of a giving heart

  14. Leah Shumack says

    Holidays are a time for us to slow down and just enjoy spending time with family and friends. No running the kids around everyday. It’s just food, movies and fun!

  15. Danalee Davis says

    The holidays are a big party for our Savior and time with family. It is also a time to serve and love our fellowmen.

  16. cindy mahoney says

    The Holidays have always been all about family and being together.

  17. The holidays mean our family coming together and showing their love for each other.

  18. The holidays means family!

  19. The holidays mean I get to spend more time with my family and focus on what matters most.

  20. Lauralee Hensley says

    What holidays mean to me, is that I am grateful for God’s love for me that he sent his son to die for my sins. I am grateful his son loved me yet while I was still a sinner, and was willing to give his earthly life for my eternal life. Such love is amazing. Then they loved us so much that they gave a part of the Trinity to always be here with us each and every day to know and help us through all our trials, thank you Holy Spirit for being here. A family is very important at Christmas and love the innocence of little children and their happiness on being given physical gifts while they might still be too small to understand bigger non-tangible gifts, especially gifts of love, understanding, acceptance, freedom of free-will.

  21. The holidays mean the birth of Jesus. He is the reason for the season.

  22. Mary Gardner says

    The holidays mean spending time with family and friends.

  23. The holidays mean spending time with family and celebrating together.

  24. Nancy Burgess says

    Celebrating the birth of Christ.

  25. susan hartman says

    Christmas is a magical time for family and friends to share.

  26. To me the Holidays mean spending quality time with family.

  27. Holidays means taking time to spend with family and friends in such a busy life.

  28. Austin Baroudi says

    Great vibes and family time! Thanks so much for the chance!

  29. It means time with family.

  30. Patricia Wright says

    The holidays are always stressful. No money for Christmas or bills. Cold weather ☹️

  31. The holidays mean being thankful to me.

  32. Holidays means to me spending quality time with my own family and brother and sisters. We don’t get to see each other often so we look forward to these special times.

  33. The holidays mean family and friends, parties and dinners, smiling friends and strangers, giving and sharing.

  34. It means being with my family and friends and enjoying the holidays together

  35. I love the decorations, lights, wrapping paper, and food that are part of the holidays.

  36. Shakeia Rieux says

    It means spending more time with family, and friends having a good time.

  37. Janet Price says

    Being thankful for my family and friends ❤️

  38. It means being thankful for my good friends and family.

  39. Joseph Menard says


  40. Heidi Nolan says

    Christmas to me means . Keeping Old Tradtions Alive in order to Remember where our familes came from . Keeping our Loved ones close . We never know what tomorrow will bring . Lighting a Candle to honor those who passed . It’s Not just about Gifts . It’s about Cheerishing Family

  41. vickie L Couturier says

    i means the celebration of the birth of Jesus and seeing the excitment on my grandkids faces

  42. Roberta Thompson says

    Lots of food, movies and family.

  43. Darlene Carbajal says

    To me, the holidays means having a great time with family!

  44. Sandy Klocinski says

    For me, the holidays are about family, food, and tradition. The smells, tastes, and decorations bring memories flooding back. The things I once did as a child and did with my daughter are what keep tradition alive.

  45. Wilma Prochaska says

    The holidays mean being surrounded by my family, enjoying the holiday spirit and good food.

  46. Jillian Too says

    The holidays mean spending time with my family and celebrating the holiday spirit.

  47. The Holidays are a time for me to appreciate the family I have and love.

  48. Geena O'Banion says

    Christmas means sharing and doing good things with your family.

  49. The holidays mean getting together with family, eating, playing games and visiting together.

  50. I love all the memories of CHristmas- since my parents are gone it’s very hard but love to see all my friends and children at this time of year

  51. The holidays mean family, friends, great food, magical lights and sounds.

  52. Angela MacRae says

    The holidays to me equlas the squeals of delight as the kids open their gifts and are excited to see Santa Claus 🙂

  53. Debbi Wellenstein says

    The holidays are for celebrating with friends and family,with some great food and drink thrown in!

  54. family time and celebrating Jesus!

  55. I love having time off to spend with my family.

  56. Let’s all spend time with love ones

  57. Angelica Dimeo says

    The holidays mean spending time with friends, my kids, family

  58. The Holidays mean extra time to spend with friends and family.

  59. JOHN STELLA says

    I love hallmark channel provide Christmas movies !! my favorite !!

  60. The holidays mean celebrating Jesus’s birth and cherishing your family.

  61. I love the holidays – spending time with family is most important

  62. Robin Abrams says

    The holidays to me is spending quality time with family and friends.

  63. brittany doerfler says

    To me the holidays mean being together as a family

  64. The holidays are all about spending time with family. We love to watch the Hallmark Channel together. Such great movies!

  65. The holidays mean spending quality time with family members and making new memories together!

  66. Nicole Bowers says

    AS a working single Mama with 2 jobs, the HOLIDAYS is a time to reconnect with my family and enjoy QUALITY TIME together!!

  67. donna porter says

    The holidays to me means celebrating quality time with family and friends. I also like giving and showing love at this time of year!

  68. shelly peterson says

    The holidays mean spending special time with family and friends.

  69. The holidays are for family and friends

  70. My Christmas holiday would not be Christmas without spending time with all my family, friends, and loved ones. I am truly blessed.

  71. The holidays are filled with peace, love, sharing, and family.

  72. The holidays mean family time and enjoy each other time with each other

  73. The holidays to me means spending time with family.

  74. Victoria Scott says

    The holidays are our favorite time of year! The family, the fun, & the decorations! We love it!

  75. Jackie Preas says

    The holidays are times to enjoy family and friends while creating memories.

  76. Ellie Wright says

    The holidays mean spending time with my friends and family.

  77. Janet Woodling says

    Holidays = Home, Family and Helping out others.

  78. Barbara Montag says

    For me the holidays means spending special time with the grand kids.
    thank you

  79. Darla Peduzzi says

    To me, the holidays mean hope, peace, love and family memories.

  80. vera wilson says

    Story from bible about birth of Jesus

  81. Stephanie Grant says

    To me, the holidays mean family, friends, joy, love, and peace.

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