Where to Travel after you Graduate from College

Your graduation might imply that you have appeared for a final examination for the last time in your life. In fact, you never felt so relaxed and accomplished before and would like to celebrate this occasion by venturing out to your favorite destination. Finally, the time has arrived in front of you to see the world and make use of this opportunity at the earliest.

1. Iceland

The first location in this comprehensive list will be Iceland. Although accommodation and dining facilities are not that inexpensive, you will balance that out by paying a visit to some astounding points of interest for free. The notable tourist spots include The Niagra Falls of Iceland, Gulfoss, Jökulsárlón (the impressive glacial lagoon) and so on. You need a vehicle, a decent map, some tasty snacks and a guidebook for touring the country and enjoying its natural splendor.

2. New Orleans

New Orleans is reputed not only for Mardi Gras at present. In fact, this city has been rated as one of the most affordable North American destinations and the Bourbon Street is something you cannot ignore while visiting New Orleans. Here you are bound to come across some of the most scrumptious and inexpensive dining amenities in the US. Cheap resorts are available in New Orleans for just $20 per night, which every tourist should be able to afford. Thus, you can always expect to go to some wonderful locations in New Orleans without shelling out a considerable amount of cash.

3. Bali, Indonesia

The island of Bali in Indonesia is a must-see tourist destination where one can spend some memorable time basking in the sunshine at the beach. Apart from this, other activities in Bali include surfing with the locals, satisfying your taste buds with some exotic cuisine including the famous Bintang beer, getting on top of the volcanic Mount Agung, capturing photos with the primates in the Sacred Monkey Forest and so forth.

4. Nicaragua

According to Lonely Planet, Nicaragua is amongst the best-valued tourist locations in the world at present. Being a close destination in Central America, you need not break the bank while traveling to Nicaragua by air. Also, you will find some affordable resorts here since the area isn’t overcrowded by vacationers yet. It is a spot where one can unwind far from the hassles and bustles of the hectic city life and surf in the coastal villages such as San Juan del Sur too. Sipping on some exotic beverages in Granada and other cities will not be a bad idea either.

5. Cologne, Germany

Cologne has been rated as the premier part hub in Germany with over 3,000 pubs, about 500 dance clubs and 260 musical hotspots for continual nightlife enjoyment. The Belgian quarter is one attraction in the city you cannot overlook along with numerous retro clubs, beer gardens and exotic bars. Here you will likewise come across several unique brewhouse tours where you can taste different types of beer from various bars across the city. Despite being the 4th largest city in the country, Cologne is arguably the biggest and busiest destination for any party lover.

6. Netherlands

The Netherlands has always been a well-known tourist destination, particularly amongst the college students who have just completed their graduation. The picturesque landscapes, the exciting nightlife, and the tulips will make any person spellbound. There are some unique ways to travel around cities like Amsterdam and if you are a student, you will also get special discounts from Eurail. Moreover, a cycling holiday can also be arranged if you fancy one. Here you will find both affordable and luxurious accommodations that will make your stay in Holland an enjoyable one.

Interhome has a great selection of holiday rentals to choose from in Europe. So if you are planning to tour Europe in the near future, come in touch with this company to book your accommodation in advance so as to avoid the rush during the holiday season.

7. Prague, Czech Republic

Being an amazing metropolis with lots of historic architecture and wonderful landscapes, Prague should be in your list of post-graduate traveling destinations. The city will offer you the time of your life, particularly after sunset. Jazz clubs, music festivals and busy pubs will never make you feel bored while you are in this city. Try to dance the night away with your partner while savoring some fabulous events too. The Riverside Parties in Prague deserve special mention and you can spend the night sipping on some exotic drinks in a castle on the riverside along with other tour members. These parties will likewise allow you to know more regarding the local culture and the local residents as well.

8. San Sebastian, Spain

This the ideal place to satisfy your urge for delicious food in case you fall into the category of food enthusiasts. Apart from France and Italy, San Sebastian is another location in Europe, which is reputed for being one of the top food capitals on the planet. This romantic coastal city can also boast of the maximum number of Michelin stars every square meter which makes it a great destination for food lovers. While you are in San Sebastian, you can go for a more casual dining option too. Here you will find the unique pintxos bars that serve the Basque substitute for tapas. In fact, unlike tapas which are small servings of gastronomy, pintxos are bread pieces topped with cheese, meat, and seafood. They likewise come pierced with a spear which will allow you to grab them properly.

Therefore, we all know traveling is an integral part of education. It is time to enjoy your youth, sense of wonder and also your freedom after completing your graduation. Try traveling long and far. However, avoid traveling solo, and instead, head out along with two of your closest buddies. This will not only ensure your safety, but will also keep you engrossed during the tour, particularly if it is a lengthy one.

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  1. My son wants to visit Japan as soon as he graduates from college.

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