How to Get From the Orlando Airport to Port Canaveral for a Cruise

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My family and I have been on four cruises and until our last one, transportation was a pain. For two of the cruises, we had transportation arranged for us as it was part of the packages, the third cruise we flew in the day before just to make sure we were on time and the fourth time we used a shuttle service.

Due to our schedules and costs, we decided to fly in the morning of our cruise and due to that, I wanted to make sure everything was going to go smoothly and efficiently. I spent hours researching traveling from the Orlando International Aiport (MCO) to Port Canaveral and with my family of five there was not a lot of affordable options. I looked into renting a car and getting in an Uber. I even looked into transportation offered from Royal Caribbean but there was nothing online and when I called they told me I had to book through a travel agent! I didn’t use a travel agent but booked the cruise myself so that was not helpful and I was still left without transportation.

Reasons Why We Chose Go Port Canaveral

Booking a shuttle is as easy as a few clicks on a website. You choose One-Way or Round-trip and how many passengers.

The costs are upfront and you pre-pay for them. No worrying about if you’ll get ripped off by a taxi or that you didn’t budget enough for the costs. We might have paid more than a taxi but I felt safer and more comfortable with the upfront costs of the shuttle.

As soon as you get off the plane, you just head to a booth in the airport to check-in for the next shuttle. The shuttles board and depart on a regular basis from 10 AM to 1 PM. The description of where to go and what to look for made it super easy to find the Go Port Canaveral booth.

The shuttles are big and clean. I have been on shuttles that seemed unreliable and were dirty, this shuttle was far from that! I felt safe with my family on it and we made it to Port Canaveral in no time!

Go Port Canaveral also offers hotel packages if you are arriving the day before your cruise and cruise parking if you need to park your car nearby cheaper than what it would cost to park at the actual cruise port.

Will I use Go Port Canaveral next time we cruise?

Absolutely! I loved not having to worry about a rental car or finding a taxi that could fit my family of five with all of our luggage.

Vacation can be stressful enough and a shuttle from Go Port Canaveral was seriously awesome for my family. From my booking at home to boarding and departing, everything went smoothly. I kept thinking something would go wrong since it seemed too good to be true.

Check out Go Port Canaveral for your next shuttle needs to/from Orlando International Airport to Port Canaveral for your next cruise!

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  1. Darlene Taylor says

    thanks for the info

  2. This is good information to know for a vacation.

  3. Christina moore says

    Thank you for the tips, we will be using Port Canaveral in April

  4. We have been on several cruises and I agree that making arrangements to get to the port can be a pain and somewhat daunting. This looks like a convenient choice.

  5. Great advice! My boyfriend and I have been looking into cruises that depart from Florida. I’ll have to keep this in mind.

  6. Vickie L Couturier says

    we used this on our last cruise,,it was awesome,i will be using them again in the future

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