13 Reasons I Switched From Mac to a Lenovo Yoga

I received product/compensation in exchange for sharing my honest opinion.

Ever since I got my first computer I was hooked. I started with DOS and then worked my way through all the Windows versions. Then I made the switch the Mac and didn’t think I’d go back to a PC. I was never a hardcore Apple person (I never owned an iPhone) but I did get enticed by the bells and whistles of Mac.

Once Windows came out with Windows 10 and touch screen capabilities, I was excited to try it out and go back to my “roots.” I got my kids PC laptops and our family desktop is a PC so I was slowly making my way back to PC.

I got a new Lenovo Yoga C930 Laptop and here are the reasons I made the switch:

  • Touchscreen – More and more devices are touchscreen now and I admit it is nice to be able to tap away on my screen to do different tasks.
  • Superior sound quality – The Yoga C930 has a rotating sound bar with Dolby Atmos® Speaker System that is so amazing. I hear the sound all over no matter how I am using the laptop. No muffled sounds or crackling from playing the volume up.
  • The Yoga has 4K clarity with the ultravivid imaging of Dolby Vision™ which means colors are brighter, crisper and so real looking.
  • Digital pen is included – Seriously how did I ever live without a stylus like this. I have tried to use them before but I loose them, this is not the case as the pen fits flush in the back of the laptop. It is always there when you need it with the tap of a button. It actually has 4,096 points of pressure sensitivity in the tip of the pen, providing the natural feel of a pen-on-paper experience, with twice the accuracy of competitors’ pens.
  • If you are someone who has a love/hate relationship with webcams, you can rest assured that you’ll always know when its active. There is a little cover that you slide over called the TrueBlock Privacy Shutter that covers the camera – so no more sticky notes or tape!
  • Solid State Hard Drive – A solid state hard drive basically is a faster and stronger hard drive and since it doesn’t have any moving parts, it is less likely to fail or crash. I have had hard drives fail on me before and love that solid state hard drives are becoming more popular and love that Lenovo offers it. The hard drive is also faster which means files load super fast!
  • Huge storage – my new laptop contains 2TB of space which means I have room for everything and anything basically! No more running out of room.
  • Fingerprint password capabilities – I love my fingerprint touch on my phone and absolutely love that I can now do it on my laptop as it is so much easier than remembering a password. You can actually log in to your laptop in less than 2 seconds – which is 3x faster than the average time it takes to type in a password (add in more time if you have to try to remember it!)
  • 2-in-1 laptop means you get both a laptop and tablet in one. Flip this beauty all around to however you need it to use it. Seriosly it is awesome to be able to adjust it to your needs.
  • Amazing battery life – you get up to 14.5 hours of battery life (or 9 hours) depending on your settings.
  • Super thin means I can carry it around everywhere without the bulk. The first time I took it out I actually thought I left it at home as my bag was so much lighter than before with my older Mac. It only weighs 3 lbs. which is crazy because so much tech is packed into it.
  • Ports I need. There is an audio jack, 2 USB-C ports and a USB 3.1 port all offering fast connections.
  • Windows 10 Operating System means the latest and greatest OS. It makes it so easy to customize and move things around to make it truly you and easier to get your tasks done.

Honestly I love my new Lenovo Yoga and am so glad I came back to Windows. My Yoga has been amazing for both personal and work tasks – there really isn’t anything it can’t do. I don’t have anything against Mac now but I am glad I switched and gave PC a shot again.

I made a video showing off the features of the Lenovo Yoga:

Check out the Lenovo Yoga C930

You can read more about the Lenovo Yoga C930 on the Lenovo website.

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  1. I am in need over a new computer and have been for a while. And after reading your article I am going to get the Lenovo Yoga. Thanks for the article.

  2. Karen Propes says

    Great information, I want to get a laptop for my Granddaughter. She uses one in school and would love to have her own to use to do her assignments. I think it’s great that schools provide laptops and teach children how to use it. I love what I have read about the Lenovo Yoga, we went out to check out a few. Your review helped us a lot. Thank you.

  3. Sandy Klocinski says

    Thanks for the informative post. I am looking at getting a laptop so I will keep this in mind

  4. Darlene Taylor says

    thanks for the tech help

  5. Woah I’m gonna get a lenovo now

  6. Nancy Burgess says

    I love all the features of this Lenovo Yoga.i am looking for a new laptop I’m going to check this out.

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