5 Easy DIY No-Sew Kids Hoodies

My three kids love their hoodies and honestly we probably have way more than we should. Some parents buy their kids lots of pants or socks or shoes, I buy hoodies. I figure hoodies too are something they can wear yearround from cold classrooms to brisk outdoor weather.

Sometimes though I think how fun it would be to make a hoodie for them that really is unique and not the same ole’ same ole’ hoodie that everyone else has. Like really we have at least five gray hoodies. I am not very crafty though nor do I know how to sew so I typically avoid craft projects.

Here is a list I found of 5 Easy DIY No-Sew Kids Hoodies:

DIY Lovebug Hoodie

Valentine’s Day is approaching and what better way to get into the lovey dovey spirit than with this adorable DIY Lovebug Hoodie for your little lovebug?! Take that boring red hoodie and turn it into an adorable lovebug outfit that will be perfect for your child to wear around the house or at their school Valentine’s Day party!

DIY No Sew Reindeer Hoodie

The holidays may be behind us, but that doesn’t mean we can’t still dress up like reindeer! Reindeer are adorable and have become an incredibly popular costume choice among children and adults. That’s why this reindeer hoodie is a perfect way to spruce up that boring old hoodie. 

DIY Fortnite Rainbow Smash Pickaxe No Sew Hoodie

If you’re a parent odds are you know how popular Fortnite is. This video game has taken the game world by storm and what better way to celebrate this trend then create your own bow Smash Pickaxe inspired hoodie?! We have a step by step guide that will show you exactly how to make your own and the best part? There’s no sewing involved!

DIY No Sew Vampirina Hoodie

Your little girl will be the most envied girl on the block in this easy, no sew Vampirina hoodie! Rock this ghoulish getup on Halloween, Friday the 13th, your next costume party or really anytime of the year! This easy, no sew guide will take you through how to make this step by step!

DIY No Sew Unicorn Hoodie

Honestly, what child doesn’t want to be a unicorn?! This guide will take you through step by step on how to create this magical look, all without a needle and a thread! Do it on your own or get your child involved. Perfect for a rainy day inside!

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  1. Brittany M Carter says

    What a fun craft idea thank you so much I have 5 children and we are always looking for something new to do with the kids during the cold snowy winter days in Maine and we are big on arts and crafts in our house thank you so much for sharing

  2. These are so adorable! I know the kids would love helping to make them too 🙂 I have to pin for later – thanks!

  3. I love the unicorn! Such a fun idea.

  4. missy ellis says


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