“Bernie The Dolphin”

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Bernie The Dolphin

In this family adventure starring Lola Sultan and Kevin Sorbo, two siblings befriend a dolphin and devise a clever plan to save the beach and protect sea life, including their new dolphin friend, Bernie. Also starring Patrick Muldoon and Logan Allen, the film is approved by the Dove Foundation for all ages, and “shows a lot of heart” (The Dove Foundation). 

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  1. My child is an animal lover and has several favorites: Red Panda, cats, dolphins and sugar gliders – to name a few!

  2. Brittany Carter says

    My oldest son loves hedgehogs he would have one if they were suitable pets for children

  3. Antoinette M says

    They like cats.

  4. My daughter really likes dogs.

  5. Cassandra D says

    Definitely a dolphin.

  6. christina moore says

    My granddaughter likes cats and hamsters

  7. That would be frogs.

  8. Jennifer H. says

    Our daughter likes frogs.

  9. My granddaughters favourite animals are llamas and goats. They live near a park where they have a tiny zoo and they are always begging to go.

  10. wow

  11. Kayla Klontz says

    My daughter loves leopards and my son loves giraffes.

  12. They both love dogs and cats.

  13. kelly woods says

    She loves dogs. There her favorite. Thank you for sharing. ❤😊❤😊❤😊

  14. My granddaughter loves hamsters

  15. bernie wallace says

    My child loves Monkeys and Cats.

  16. My children love gibbons & sea animals.

  17. My grandson’s favorite animal is the capybara! He has loved them since he saw one at the zoo!

  18. Horses!

  19. she likes cats

  20. Barbara Fehmel says

    “New Moms” information. This is a must for new Moms to read, with all the problems [ or think they are problems] this section is such a help to Moms.

  21. Barbara Fehmel says

    I do love to see a good movie for children, mine love Rabbits as I have one. so cuddly and sweet.

  22. Sandy Klocinski says

    My daughter’s favorite animal is the dog. We had 3 when she was growing up and she now has two huskies

  23. B. J. Bernal says

    My child’s favorite animal is a 3 toed sloth.

  24. Darlene Taylor says

    love these DvD’s

  25. Heather Hayes Panjon says

    Favorite animal would be a dog .

  26. Austin Baroudi says

    My daughter loves hedgehogs because of Sonic!

  27. Nancy Burgess says

    My granddaughter would love this movie.

  28. Wendy Kirwan says

    My daughter loves all animals. She’s destined to be a vet we think!!!

  29. Mark likes monkies. Most times find him sleep with Curious George. But he also like other ones.

  30. I like birds!

  31. vickie couturier says

    my grandchildren love Horses

  32. My kids love birds.

  33. crystle tellerday says


  34. She loves all sorts of animals. Dogs are probably her favorite.

  35. My grandson has two cats named Macy & Margo, they are sisters.

  36. Julie Lundstrom says

    One of my daughters loves dolphins and the other one loves Owls.

  37. My daughter loves elephants!

  38. my grandson loves dinosaurs

  39. shelly peterson says

    My grandson loves dogs.

  40. My great niece and great nephew both like dogs 🙂

  41. Elaine Lund says

    My daughters favorite animal is a dog.

  42. stephanie jones says

    my daugher loves monkeys

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