“The Stuf Inside” OREO Dark Chocolate and OREO Carrot Cake

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Can you remember a time when OREO cookies just came in one flavor – honestly, I can’t. What I love though is OREO is constantly introducing new flavors, including keeping up with today’s trends.

OREO has officially launched two NEW flavors: Dark Chocolate and Carrot Cake. Seriously don’t they sound weird but amazing? Honestly, I love OREO cookies as they are but I do like to mix it up and if I can have my favorite dessert mixed in with my favorite snack, why not!

OREO Dark Chocolate is dark chocolate-flavored creme, sandwiched between two classic Oreo chocolate wafers. It is an indulgent and rich flavor between the classic chocolate wafers.

OREO Carrot Cake Cookies are filled with cream cheese frosting flavored creme sandwiched between the classic chocolate wafers. I look at it too like it is a lot easier to eat some Carrot Cake OREO cookies compared to having to make or buy a whole carrot cake!

Which new OREO flavor would you try first? Honestly, I am always hesitant to try a new OREO flavor but they have yet to disappoint me on the flavors I have tried. Something too about OREO cookies that remind me of my childhood and how now I can share one of my favorite snacks with my family.

Get yourself the new OREO flavors

Find the new OREO flavors, Dark Chocolate and Carrot Cake, at your local Walmart.

Want some OREO-filled fun?

Walmart wants to celebrate “The Stuf Inside” with OREO so they are hosting a fun event between February 14th and February 17th for a chance to play fun games, win great prizes, and sample the new OREO flavors for themselves! Visit select Walmart locations from February 14th through February 17th for exciting events celebrating the launch of the new OREO flavors, Dark Chocolate and Carrot Cake.

The events will feature in-store sampling of the OREO Dark Chocolate Cookies and OREO Carrot Cake Cookies, fun games, giveaways, and free swag items!

To find a store near you, visit OREOStuf.com

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  1. Barbara Montag says

    Hmm Carrot Cake Oreos – gonna have to look for those.
    Thanks for the heads ups.

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