Virtual Interior Design for the Everyday Person

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You know how when you walk into someones house and you think how it looks straight out of a magazine or catalog? My neighbor’s house is like that, mine is not. I often think how nice it would be to have everything decorated and coordinated, but then I think I have no idea where to start.

In addition to not knowing where to start, there is the whole I have kids living here with me. I started thinking that I shouldn’t have to live in a state of dissaray just because I have a family of five living here.

Did you know there is a service that offers a convenient and affordable way to redecorate your home? Yep no paying thousands of dollars for a traditional interior decorator to come to your house, not to mention setting aside the time to be there for that. I had no clue a company like Havenly exsisted but it is definitely a company that could be a lifechanger for some!

How does Havenly work?

So how does Havenly know what you want or what you like? Users simply take a fun and easy style quiz to tell the designer about their tastes, budget and what they want from a room. Maybe you just need a few finishing touches or maybe you need a whole room redo. Then you upload a photo of the room you need help with and then sit back while an interior designer works their magic on your room, virtually. So no more pinning boards on Pinterest just to sit there!

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Havenly designers work one-on-one with the user throughout the entire process to make sure a stylish and affordable solution is found. They can even order and ship items from hundreds of brands. The prices range from just $19 to $179 for their services which honestly to me seems so much cheap considering the time and pain of trying to redo a room or rooms yourself!

Havenly services can include:

  • 1 design board which could include an expertly curated shopping list, decor, furniture or paint recos
  • Choose your personal Havenly Designer
  • 1:1 time your designer via online messaging, SMS or phone calls
  • 3 initial ideas to help capture your style, delivered within 2 days
  • A final design concept with curated design picks and a shopping list
  • Multiple design revisions until it’s perfect
  • Access to hundreds of brands and a personal ordering team
  • Layout visualizations so you don’t have to imagine the design
  • Custom floor plan to take the guesswork out of layouts

Do you have a room that isn’t quite what you want it to be?


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  1. ellen beck says

    I need something like this. Truthfully I am just plain stuck when it comes to planing or rearranging things. Great idea.

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