The Joys Of A Family Road Trip

If you are looking for a cheaper and easier way to vacation with your family this year, why not consider a road trip across the country? Road trips are a great way to experience a lot of different terrain and meet different people, and it has the absolute advantage of being considerably cheaper than going abroad for a package holiday too. But if you are to make the most of such a journey, you will of course need to be perfectly prepared, and that is something that can take a long time indeed. In this article, we are going to make this process a little easier by discussing some of the things you can do to make preparing for a road trip simpler. As long as you have considered these aspects, you should find that road tripping is the best next holiday for your family to look forward to.

Route Planning

It is wise to have some kind of an idea about where you intend to go, even if you don’t do so in the strictest possible way. Even just a rough plan will mean that you can have a general sense of where you are going, which means you can find it easier to get excited for various points on the journey as well. Of course, you might be someone who prefers to plan more tightly, in which case you are perfectly free to do so – but most people would agree that it is better to be able to change things around at a later date should that become necessary. Route planning is something of a challenge too, for you need to know how to read maps and work out how far you can travel in a day. However, even this part of the process can be made into a fun family activity, and you’ll find it helps to get the kids excited about the trip.

Safety Concerns

Because you are travelling with all of your most precious cargo in the back, you obviously need to have a strong sense of safety throughout the road trip. Actually, as with the route planning, this begins long before you even set out on the trip, as there is a certain amount of preparation you need to do to make sure that you are going to be able to remain safe throughout the journey. For one, make sure in advance that you have a car accident attorney you can call, so you know you can do so should you get into trouble. You will also want to make sure you are insured, and that you have checked the car before you go. It might even be time to service the vehicle before you set out, just to make sure it is in the best possible condition. Beyond that, remember the basics and check for oil and water, and tyre pressure.

Another hugely vital part of this is ensuring that you have everything you need in the car, should you become abandoned somewhere for the night. That means having blankets, plenty of water, a flashlight, some food to see you through, and a first aid kit. You should also make sure you have a tyre repair kit, and a spare tyre, just in case. If nothing else, this will save you money – but it might also save your life and stop you being caught somewhere all night. Get on top of the safety issues, and you will find that the road trip can go to plan much more easily, and you will feel much more ready for it.


It’s a good idea to not simply spend all of your time in the car, even if it is a road trip. What you should really be aiming to do is to make the trip a journey of different interesting places along the way – and to make sure that you get out to take a look every now and then. For one thing, you will want to stop occasionally to eat somewhere, and in most cases you will be keen to sleep somewhere other than the car – unless you are towing a caravan, of course, or something similar. But you should also make a point of stopping just to appreciate the scenery, or to go and take part in some kind of activity or another. The more that you fill the days this way, the more your kids will enjoy it – and you will all be less likely to get on each other’s nerves being in the car for long periods of time.

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  1. Lindsay Anne Henige says

    I love road trips!

  2. Pam Flynn says

    Road trips are so much fun and bring the family together for new adventures!

  3. I can’t wait until classes are over, so we can take a road trip. It looks so fun to get out, and about.

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